For Parents

how to support us

Support us through the gift of your money, time or skills

Buy tickets to our events and come have fun with other St Joseph’s parents - and bring your family and good friends along.
Tickets to events are a large source of our income and help pay back for the time and effort that our parents voluntarily - and free of charge - spend to organise them. If you cannot attend the event, please consider buying a ticket as a form of gratitude for our parent volunteers if you can afford it.

Get involved in organising and running school fundraising events.
We are always on the lookout for volunteers to help plan, set up, and run our events.

Participate in a fundraising event such as a charity walk/run to fundraise for St. Joseph’s and ask your colleagues/friends to sponsor you through an online platform (e.g.,
Charity runs and walks, sticking to your New Year resolutions beyond March, mastering a new skill - choose a challenge for yourself and invite your colleagues to support you

Donate passively
Selling on eBay? You can donate a portion of your income to charity! Next time select ‘SJSA” in the charity drop-down menu - we are on the list.

Avid online shopper? will donate a percentage of your bill with major retailers such as Argos, John Lewis, Boots, Tesco and many others to a charity of your choice (we are on the list, too) at no cost to you. Note that you will need to install a simple plug-in that will generate a link to access the retailer’s website from and shop through the retailer website, not the retailer’s app. Check out:

Our bank details are: 
Barclays; sort code: 20-69-15; account: 93668363

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