Everyone who works at St. Joseph’s puts the children’s well-being and learning at the centre of their actions.  The staff are dedicated to working alongside parents and other professionals to ensure that the children at our school receive the very best opportunities in an exciting and stimulating environment.

THE SCHOOL STAFF 2019 - 2020

Mrs K Husain - Headteacher, Designates Safeguarding Lead

Dr N Fernandes Viana – Acting Headteacher, Assessment Manager, SENCo

Ms S Hudson - Music Teacher

Coach Grant - PE Coach

Mrs F Deacy - Enriched Curriculum Teacher


Miss R Windle - Nursery Teacher

Mr K Bowles – Reception Teacher, EYFS Leader

Miss S Robb – Reception Teacher

Mrs J Matarazzo - Nursery Nurse

Ms P Morgan - Nursery Nurse

Mrs K Haggard - Nursery Nurse

Mrs M Braga - Teaching Assistant

Mrs I Ferla - Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Gharib - LSA

The Pink Team

Mrs R Robinson - Year 1 Class Teacher

Miss S Bouchey - Year 1 and 2 Class Teacher

Mrs T Morrin - Year 2 Class Teacher

Miss C Evans - Teaching Assistant

Ms J Brennan – Teaching Assistant

Miss A Ward - Teaching Assistant

Mr A Poku Junior - LSA

The Blue Team

Mr P McGee - Year 3 Class Teacher

Miss S Donnellan - Year 3 and 4 Class Teacher

Miss P Armstrong - Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs L Crossey - Teaching Assistant

The Violet Team

Miss C Cottingham - Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss L Burton - Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss V Brooks - Year 6 Class Teacher

Miss S Ward – Trainee Teacher

Mrs R Procaccini - Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Lawrence - LSA

Miss L Nott – LSA

Miss E Jeronimo - Teaching Assistant

Admin Team

Mrs R O’Connor - Admin & Organisation Assistant

Mrs D Dunphy - Admin Asst

Mrs S Harrington - Admin Asst

Premises Team

Mr S Turner - Caretaker

Mrs M Strachinaru - Caretaker