Welcome to the St. Joseph’s School Association (SJSA). As parents of children attending St. Joseph’s Primary School you automatically become members of the SJSA. This association is a wonderful extension of the school community and is an integral part of the overall success of the school. The stated purpose of the SJSA is to raise funds for St. Joseph’s but it does so more than that providing a network of friends for our parents and being an integral part of the school community. This support that is provided by the SJSA is critical for maintaining the results and excellent reputation that St. Joseph’s has achieved over the years. Not only is the money raised by the SJSA for ongoing improvements to the school but it enables the school to provide resources which excite and challenge our children to learn.

The SJSA raises funds through a variety of events, such as our recent Read-a-thon and Masquerade Ball. Perhaps the most important two events of the year are the Auction of Promises and the Summer Fair. The Auction of Promises is a critical event as it raises the largest amount of funds for the school.  It is a fabulous night and enjoyed by everyone involved.

Matched Funding

There are many ways that you can support our school and working alongside your employer is just one.  Many large companies match the funds raised by their employees for charities.  For more information and to see if you work for one of these companies please click here.

Recent Events

Our most recent event was a Masquerade Ball.  Everyone who came had a marvellous time as you can see from the photos.


If you would like to know more about the school Association please contact the school office.