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Religious Education

Religious education permeates the whole curriculum and school life. We aim to bring our children to an understanding of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and a love and reverence for God.

St Joseph’s is a Catholic school and for our children to grow up to be practising Catholics there must be a commitment to the faith within the school and at home.

Therefore the school looks to a partnership which will uphold and reinforce the teachings of the Catholic faith. For their part, parents are expected to accept full responsibility by continuing to take their children to Mass on Sundays on a regular basis.

The school teaches the curriculum as laid down in the Catholic Education Services Curriculum Directory through the 'Come and See' religious education programme.



The Wednesday Word is a gift to families because of their connection with a Catholic school.

Wednesday Word Family Time presents an opportunity for even the busiest of parents to enrich relationships with their children through spending a very special 10 minutes together each week.

Every Wednesday a ‘word’, inspired by the coming Sunday’s Gospel, will be suggested for families to talk about in the home. We have structured The Wednesday Word around the Sunday Gospel, because evidence shows that Gospel values really do help family relationships to thrive.

The Wednesday Word Family Time leaflet is designed in a family friendly fashion to ensure that all family members feel included. It aims to be informative, enjoyable, and to help families maintain a special closeness throughout the school years.

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