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Headteacher's Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School, part of the Saint John Southworth Catholic Academy Trust. 

I feel very proud to be given the opportunity to lead such a special place not least because, as a former pupil, parent and now Headteacher, St. Joseph's holds a special place in my heart. One of the best things about St. Joseph’s is our strong sense of family, community and friends. Our Year 6 pupils leave St. Joseph’s as good, kind, funny, spiritual and caring friends secure in the love of God. We all believe, genuinely and unequivocally, in the capacity and potential of every child, made in the image of God. All of the staff here are supported by Fr Kevin, Fr Alex and Sr Brigid and the whole of the Parish Team from the Catholic Church of Our Lady, St. John's Wood who, together, contribute positively towards the Catholic teaching and learning of our pupils through assemblies, school masses, teaching visits and so on. 

Our children are wonderful, living out our Mission Statement on a daily basis, showing courtesy, respect and care for one another while showing real enthusiasm for learning. They bring laughter, love and joy with integrity and kindness in all they do. I am extremely proud of everything they achieve. Our external assessments are particularly impressive, from our high Early Years Good Level of Development to our Commendation from The Secretary of State for Education for our high performance in the National Phonics Screening Check. In recent years, our KS1 and KS2 results have been very good and often above the National average. Our children know the power of hard work and perseverance and are always encouraged by all the staff to reach their full potential. 

At St. Joseph’s we are a Forest School which means that all of our children, from Year 1 to Year 4, are given the opportunities to engage in outdoor learning. We are also proud of our impressive success at sports competitions, our links with Marylebone Cricket Club and Lords, our focus on an enriched curriculum encouraging debating skills, knowledge of current affairs, History of Art and so much more. 

At St Joseph’s we are really proud of our curriculum which is engaging, exciting, stimulating, relevant and dynamic. We make use of our fantastic location and proximity to central London to broaden the educational experiences of the children.

 The development of children at large has been tested beyond belief in the last few years. Parents have been overwhelmingly supportive and positive with our approach and delivery of remote learning. My aim is to ensure St Joseph's continues to be a place of calm, stability and nurture where children can continue to thrive and grow even with ever increasing challenges thrust upon them. Our aim is for all children to become confident, resilient, creative and engaged learners who achieve their full God-given potential. 

As Headteacher, with all of the Staff and Governors here, I recognise the huge responsibility we have as a school to do the best we possibly can for our children. This is, of course not in isolation. We value the strong relationships we have within our local community and with all our families. We work closely with the Governors of the school and our parents to continually review and develop the opportunities that the school offers. In return, we have very supportive parents and a wonderful School Association which organises many fun activities for both our children and our parents to enjoy. 

Thank you for taking the time to visit our school website. We are very proud of all we have to offer and are confident that your son or daughter will be both challenged and cherished in their time with us. Open days for prospective children and parents do happen periodically throughout the year, usually, these are in November and March. Please do contact us with any comments or questions. 

With best wishes, 

Dr N Fernandes-Viana

The School Office is open for general enquiries between 830am - 4 pm Monday to Friday.
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