Year 5

Violet Class News

WOW! WEE! What a fantastic few weeks Year 6 has had!! I've been completely impressed with their hard work and effort they have put into their work. It is clear that every child has matured a great deal and is ready for the tough year ahead.

In Maths this week we have been focused on strengthening our place value and number skills to ensure we have a solid foundation to work with for the rest of the year, by revising addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. In writing, we have entertained Mrs Viana greatly with our Autobiographies. Exploring how light travels has been our topic of investigation in Science this week.

We are looking forward to next week and visiting Our Ladies Church for a Mass.


Violet Class News

'Even better than the West End' - Mrs Husain

'An extravaganza!' - Mrs Viana

'Breathtaking' - Mrs Dunphy

'Flawless direction' - Mr Bowles

Oliver! The opening night to Oliver was a huge success as Year 6 wowed the entire school and their parents yesterday. The students rivalled actors on the West End with their impressive acting and singing. All of the students hard work, as well as that of Miss Brooks, Mr Whettingsteel and Mrs Procanccini, should be so highly commended. We were blown away!

Both of the Violet classes were incredibly mature and respectful as they had a puberty workshop on Thursday. The students asked excellent questions to both demonstrate and develop their knowledge.

Violet 1 have also been focusing on the importance of Stewardship, concentrating on God's creations and how we can better look after the environment.

As the year draws to an end, we also had the pleasure of swapping classes, meeting our new teachers and visiting our new classrooms. We are very excited for next year and the exciting challenges that face us!

Violet Class News

Both Violet one and two have had an action packed week. Violet two have been enjoying a well-deserved trip to PGL. The adventurers have been taking advantage of a range of activities such as fencing, kayaking and enjoying campfires. The rest of the school are looking forward to their return and hearing all about their exciting trip!

Violet one have had an incredible week consisting of playing on the infamous Lord's cricket pitch and visiting St George's Secondary school and experiencing life as a KS3 student. The students represented St Joseph's with pride. To finish off the week, we welcomed a parent into our classroom to talk about career prospects, such as journalism.  The students were wowed with stories of travel, hard work and adventure, asking insightful questions and listening attentively.

All of the Violet classes are excited for the weekend, particularly the summer fair! We look forward to seeing all of our families there!

Violet Class News

Oom pa pa! Violet 2 continues to work on their fantastic performance of ‘Oliver!’ as time draws closer to opening night. Their characters, songs and dances are developing well as they rehearse more and more.

Violet 2 are also learning more about The Blitz of WW2 and how it affected England. They have been extremely engaged and eager to learn more about the air raid of 1941.

Islam has been the religious focus across the whole school this week. Violet 2 learned all about the 5 pillars of Islam. During this time, Violet 1 have been exploring the meaning of Ramadan and Eid in a mature and respectful way – they were even able to make close links to our own Christian traditions such as Lent.

Violet 1 also worked hard during their assessment week – focused and determined to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in both Maths and English.

Violet 1 looks forward to spending more time with their new buddies this Friday as year 5 get ready to transition to year 6 and nursery prepare for their time in reception.

Violet Class News

Singing, acting and dancing have been all the rage in Violet 2 this week as year 6 continue preparations for their end of year performance. Their melodic voices have been drifting through to Violet 1 which has been enjoyed by all! Violet 2 have also been writing their own Lady Macbeth soliloquies which have been both entertaining and moving.

Selected students from both Violet 1 and 2 were invited to participate in the London Youth Games tennis competition. In which our St Joseph’s team came second! An amazing effort and one they should be incredibly proud of. All attending students demonstrated good sportsmanship and were a shining example of St Joseph students.

Four students from Violet 1 also made us proud as they entered into a maths competition at St Christina’s on Tuesday. The students impressed not only their teachers, but themselves. Working well as a team and solving really challenging maths problems. Violet 1 continued to work on their spy novel this week – building character profiles, settings and the mission their spies will overcome! Next week, students look forward to creating a model of their own spy gadgets! Violet 1 were also introduced to their buddies from Nursery who they will be taking under their wing next year. Some year 5 students were even lucky enough to have 2 buddies!

Violet Class News

Boom, ch, boom boom, ch…. The sound of raps pouring out of Violet 1 this week as they finished of presenting their Life Cycle Science presentations. In Maths, the children have continued to work hard by converting metric measurements to imperial. We all enjoyed being at the Year 3 Holy Communion Mass on Thursday, it was thoughtful, reflective and we were all amazed by Year 3’s beautiful behavior and outfits. Everyone really enjoyed the author workshop, thank you Mrs Viana for organising it for us.

Double, double, toil and trouble…..Violet 2 has started exploring Shakespeare’s writing with a particular focus on Macbeth this week in English. The children have shown their maturity and reflective skills while explore the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10: 30-37. In Science, we started our new topic Electricity. All children have continued to practice and prepare for our Tower of London Music Festival performance next week.


Violet Class News

Kew gardens, birds of prey and the Zoo. This week the whole school enjoyed an array of science based trips. We dissected flowers - identifying and labelling their different sections -  categorised different seeds and plant types and even went on a flower hunt! At the zoo we learned all about endangered species and how we can work to protect them and take better care of our planet.
Finally, some winged friends came to visit us on Thursday! We were able to handle and learn lots of interesting facts about 5 magnificent birds of prey; Roccy, Blu, Liberty, Taz, Bailey. Two even came all the way from Australia which Miss Hawkins was particularly pleased with!

The Violet teams wish you a happy and healthy half term. We look forward to seeing all of the children in June!

Violet Class News

It has been a little quiet in school this week with Violet 1 at Sayers Croft. But it's evident (from the picture) that they have been having a cracking time!

Violet 2 has had an OUT OF THIS WORLD week! Every single child performed incredibly during the SATs. Now we are very much looking forward to rehearsing for our end of year performance Oliver! And all our exciting trips next week.


Violet Class News

So much revision our heads are about to explode! As SATS is just around the corner, year 6 have been revising and preparing for next week. They are excited to show off all that they have learnt during their time at St Joseph’s. Violet 1, as well as the rest of the school, wish them all the very best!

As yesterday was the day of the ascension, all of KS2 attended a mass at Our Lady’s Church; they were very well behaved and set an excellent example.

This week in Violet 1 we took advantage of the sunshine and enjoyed more guided reading outside. The class also put their finishing touches on their Brazilian landmark models and posters. They are looking forward to presenting their findings to the class!

PSHE has been a great focus this week in Violet 1. We have discussed, role played and analysed different ways of communicating with peers and adults, as well as how to be safe online. Violet 1 has demonstrated an excellent understanding of these important issues.

Violet 1 is very excited about the residential trip to Sayers Croft this coming Wednesday!

Violet Class News

This week Violet 1 has started their new topic - Brazil. They are designing their own, original, Brazilian landmarks and making an informative poster to go with it, and to top it off they are even building models of their landmark. In Maths, Year 5 have been solving multi-step word problems by using long division and long multiplication. Finally, in English they have been writing their own alternative ending to the best-selling action and adventure novel Alex Rider Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. They have been working incredibly hard!

This week, in Violet 2, we started off by doing practice papers, preparing for SATs in less than two weeks. Surely, the hard work will pay off! After the tests, we revised most of the work we have done this year, focusing especially on what we struggled on during the tests such as, Roman Numerals, rounding and conversion graphs. In English, we have been continuing our description of Skellig’s wings, remembering to use similes, metaphors and other descriptive features. Violet 2 have been working their hardest so we are sure we can blow the roof off with our test scores!

Reported by Elena Cervesi