Year 5

Violet Class News

What an exciting week it was in Year 5! We had the most fantastic time on our trip to the Tower of London, where we saw the crown jewels, the ravens and, of course, the famous Beefeaters amongst other things.

However, we hadn't quite rounded off our Tudor topic just yet as we had the small matter of our class assembly. Every single child performed confidently and with unwavering enthusiasm, in what was an entertaining spectacle!

We remind parents that Violet 1 and 2 are going to Forest Schools on the first Monday back (25th). Have a fabulous half-term break.

Mr McGee & Miss Burton

Violet Class News

This week in RE Violet 1 and 2 studied a variety of paintings of the Last Supper. The children were fascinated by the different styles and techniques of Da Vinci and El Greco in particular. We all enjoyed converting metric units into imperial amounts in Maths. Our class novel Stormbreaker is getting more exciting by the minute, this week the children designed their very own spy gadgets and made incredible advertisements for these. We all enjoyed our visits to Maida Vale library and presenting our Tudor house projects to our class mates. We are really looking forward to Monday's visit to the Tower of London, remember to wrap up warm and to bring a packed lunch!

An amazing week for Violet 3! In Maths we have finding the Median, Mode, Mean and Range. Can you explain how to use all four of these on the following sequence: 34, 20, 73, 68, 12. We had a brilliant time at the Music and Maths workshop on Wednesday morning at the Royal Albert Hall. We learnt about beats in a bar and how we can convert this information between fractions, percentages and decimals. We then had a go at composing our own tunes at first using ipads and then on instruments, the trip finished with a quick look inside the spectacular Albert Hall. In RE, we explored scripture from Romans chapter 12 and we linked it to everyday life. Overall, an awesome week! Well done Violet 3!

Violet Class News

We have had a brilliant week in Violet 1 and 2. Our main Maths focus has been converting different metric units of measure, a tricky concept that the children have taken to well. In English we have looked at using descriptive language to make out writing effective. We continued reading our class novel writing some fantastic character descriptions. This week in RE the children have researched different churches within Christianity and discovered the similarities and differences between these and the Catholic church. We have continued our work on the Tudors, learning all about their buildings and houses, we can't wait to see the children's models next week!

Have a lovely weekend!
Miss Burton and Mr McGee

An amazing week for Violet 3. It began with a trip to the Library and we were reminded that we are never too old to have a story read to us, we thoroughly enjoyed listening to Gordon and the story he told. We worked tirelessly in Maths this week using formulas to find the Nth Term. In English, we wrote letters from the perspective of Michael, the main character from our class book Skellig, which included literary language and characterisation to hook and manipulate the reader. In Science we conducted an experiment which involved us finding our pulse and measuring our heart beat.

On Thursday, we had an absolutely awesome time at Forest Schools. We explored the area and observed winter changes, we learnt to safely light a fire and we eat toasted marshmallows around the camp fire.

Violet Class News

It has been another busy week for Violet 1 and 2, jam-packed full of excitement!

The highlight was undoubtedly Friday's visit to Westminster Cathedral. The children had researched our diocesan mother church extensively and wrote up a list of pertinent questions to ask our fantastic guides. We were all awe struck by the grandiosity of the Cathedral and the incredible views over London from the top of the bell tower.

In maths we consolidated our conversions of fractions to decimals to percentages and in English we wrote theatre reviews of the production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' we were so fortunate to watch on Monday. The children loved learning about crime and punishment in Tudor times on Thursday and cannot wait for our visit to the Tower of London in a few weeks!

Have a great weekend!

Mr McGee and Miss Burton

Violet Class News

A fantastic week for Violet 3! In English we were excited to start our new class book Skellig by David Almond. The start of the story had us sat on the edge of our seats as David Almond created intense suspense leading to the discovery of a ‘thing’. This in turn inspired us to write our own suspenseful stories.

In Maths we focused on Co-ordinates, plotting co-ordinates, translating shapes on a four quadrant grid and sketching the reflection of shapes in a mirror line. Next week, we are looking forward to participating in the Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream workshop.

Violet Class News

Year 5 have had a fantastic first week back! The children have applied themselves very well to their learning about decimals in Maths. It would be useful to talk and point out instances of decimals being used in a monetary sense over the weekend.

The fun didn't stop there for Year 5 as we started reading our new novel Stormbreaker! The children have written fantastic diary entries on chapter 1 and we can't wait to carry on reading next week. We also began new topics in Science (living things), History (Tudors) and RE (Missions).

Have a great weekend!
Mr McGee and Miss Burton

Violet Class News

Violet 1 and 2

It is hard to find the words to describe the performance of our children at the Christmas carol concert, they were simply sensational! They did themselves proud and their weeks of effort certainly paid off. The festivities didn't end there though, with the EYFS nativity play, Christmas dinner, Christmas sing a-long and of course a visit from Father Christmas himself!

This term the children have shown tremendous progress in their learning and have frankly been an absolute delight to teach! We hope that you have a safe and festive break and we look forward to seeing you in 2019.

God Bless,
Miss Burton and Mr McGee

A fabulous week for Violet 3, the Christmas spirit has been in full swing this week. I am so proud of every child, they sang so beautifully at the Carol Concert, read the readings clearly and reciting the poem with pride. We came to the end of our RE topic and learnt about Mary’s expectations of Jesus and discussed the coming of Jesus in human form. We then created booklets as a way to demonstrate and share our learning.

I wish you all a restful Christmas and a merry New Year. I look forward to seeing you all in the Spring Term.

Violet Class News

What an exciting week it has been for Violet 1 and 2. Our classrooms are now filled with spectacular European landmarks including Big Ben, Stonehenge, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and many others! It was terrific to see how much effort the children put into these projects - well done everybody!

In RE we made our own Jesse trees, focusing on the stories of the Old Testament. Our Maths learning centered around line graphs, frequency tables and statistics. The children are really enjoying reading the novel Wonder - it's getting very exciting! As a reward for all our hard work in English this term we will be watching the film next week.

Have a super weekend!
Miss Burton and Mr McGee

Den building and hot chocolate around a fire at Forest Schools, was a brilliant way to start the week. Violet 3 has worked incredible hard rehearsing for two carol concerts this week. We gave a fantastic performance at the St Saviours Carol Service on Thursday afternoon. We sang beautifully and the readings were read with poise and confidence. On top of all this, we have been completing practise SATs papers and really showing our talents in our reading comprehension and mathematical skills.

Violet 3 should be extremely proud of themselves. Next week, we are really looking forward to the KS2 Carol Concert.

Violet Class News

Gasps of: Gross! Cool! Wow! Ewwweee! Echoed around the classroom on Tuesday afternoon, as Violet 3 dissected hearts in Science. We discussed how they looked, felt and identified different parts. Can you name any parts of the heart?

In Maths we have focused on finding missing angles, in triangles, quadrilateral, on a straight line, around a point and vertically opposite. Can you tell me the total of all the angles around a point?

In English, we have written a book review of The Unforgotten Coat and a recount of the exciting Victorian School Day we participated in on Thursday morning.

We thoroughly enjoyed the Carol Service at Westminster Cathedral on Wednesday, there was a real donkey and a real sheep! But most importantly we all left with the message that Christmas is a time to reflect, be with our families and share the wonderful story of Advent. Next week, we are looking forward to singing carols at St Saviours.


Violet Class News

Computing Catastrophe in Crimary School

Never before has St Joseph's been the scene of such a devastating incident.

As Violet 1 and 2 came into their classroom on Wednesday morning they were greeted with the horrifying sight of an empty laptop trolley and muddy foot and hand prints all over the windows. As difficult as it was to get on with the school week the children admirably wrote some fantastic newspaper reports about the crime.

In other news, the children learnt about dissolving solids into a liquid, multiplying fractions, the meaning of advent and European landmarks. We are all looking forward to next week - the highlights of which are, Advent Mass on Monday, Fresh Water Theatre visiting on Wednesday and forest schools on Friday!

We hope you have a lovely weekend
Miss Burton and Mr McGee

An incredible week for Violet 3. In maths this week, we have focused on converting metric unit. We considered: units of length, units of mass and units of capacity. Can you explain how many grams there are in a kilogram? How can you convert 1.3L into ml? How many mm are in a metre? We then challenged ourselves to convert Miles to KM and visa versa, can you explain the equation for both? In English this week, we have focused on generating step-by-step instructions to capture and destroy the demon from The Unforgotten Coat.

Next week, we are looking forward to attending church on Monday, Westminster Carol Service on Wednesday and participating in a workshop on Thursday morning.