Year 4

Blue Class News

It's been a great start to the new academic year in the Blue group. The children have settled in well to their respective classes. We have launched a variety of exciting topics, and the children have impressed us with both their enthusiasm and already existing general knowledge.

In English, the children have explored the art of descriptive writing whilst traipsing though the Amazon Rainforest. We have been appreciating our author of the term, Anthony Browne and his cleverly crafted illustrations.

Father Jeff welcomed us in a lovely Mass last Friday and explained to us the significance of the Adoremus as celebrated by the church this year. In class we are studying the topic of Homes. The children have already begun to make links between chosen Bible readings and how we can always be making positive contributions to our families, school life and the community.

Wishing you all a happy and restful weekend.

Blue Class News

The last full week of the school year has been extremely busy. On Monday we helped year 6 celebrate their leaving mass at All Souls. It was a lovely afternoon, and we were treated to not only a reverent mass, but also some wonderful singing. It was lovely to watch the rest of KS2 support their peers.

All Blue classes have had much fun in their Art lessons this week. The children have continued to learn about Claude Monet and his style of art. We were most impressed by the children's interpretations of The Water-Lily Pond. Blue 1 also experimented with Monet's seascapes, with some lovely results.
In other lessons this week we have: written play scripts, created descriptions of shops we created, revisited multiplication of large numbers and researched the 2018 Tour de France.

Yesterday was most definitely the highlight of the week. We were invited to the final dress rehearsal of Year 6's Oliver Twist. According to the children, the tap dancing, singing and acting were of West End quality!

Blue Class News

How lucky we were to have beautiful weather for the annual sports day yesterday. The children embraced the competitive spirit of the day, and worked really well in teams to maximise the points for their house. Events included: penalty shootout, vortex, sprints and of course, the much loved tug-of-war. The children were an absolute delight throughout the day and many thanks to all of the parents who were able to cheer us on. We'll have to wait until Monday morning to find out which house reigned supreme!

Don't forget that next Saturday is the Summer fair. That means that it will once again be own clothes day on Friday and the children are encouraged to bring something for the cake stall.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Blue Class News

It was great so see so many fathers this morning for the annual donuts for dads morning. KS1 then lead a beautiful service to finish the morning and celebrate Father's Day.

Yesterday, Blue entertained us with an assembly to celebrate World Ocean week. They highlighted the importance of using plastics responsibly and the affect of our actions.

In other lessons this week we have: plotted co ordinates on the four quadrants, revised homophones and discussed the importance of kindness in everything we do.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Blue Class News

It was lovely to welcome back the children looking refreshed on Tuesday. Yesterday, Year 3 looked wonderful as they celebrated their communion with Mass in the hall. Father Jeff talked about the tabernacle in Our Lady's Church, which contains the body and blood of Christ. He also explained that when we take Communion, we become living Tabernacles as we are carrying the body and blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Father Jeff highlighted the importance of remembering that we are speaking for Jesus and our actions and words should reflect this.

Today Blue 3 entertained us with a Healthy Eating assembly. The children told us of the importance of eating 5 a day in order for us to be full of energy and as healthy as possible. Blue 3 then showed off their dancing and singing skills with a lovely rendition of Agadoo. Next week we look forward to Blue 1's assembly as they are going to talk about plastics and the ocean.
This week the children have: learnt about perpendicular lines, researched the difference between epidemics and pandemics, identified determiners within a sentence and celebrated Recycle week.

Lastly, Year 4 have been full of excitement today in anticipation of the annual sleepover. We would like to wish Mrs Husain, Mrs Viana and Mr Bowles the best of luck! Your children will be ready for collection at the front entrance at 8.30 am tomorrow morning.

Blue Class News

A wonderful day has been had by all, on this beautifully sunny Friday. It was great to see the children in their favourite outfits and the glorious crowns they wore to top them off. After lunch, the children took part in a very British outdoor afternoon tea party. The day was made complete with dancing, cupcakes and games. What a great way to start the Royal wedding weekend!
Earlier on in the week, each class completed wedding themed activities. We have studied the royal family tree in comprehension lessons, completed Royal maths challenge cards and created wonderfully colourful cakes.

Next week we look forward Science week. On Monday we will travel to Kew Gardens and on Friday to the Zoo. The Blue teachers are excited at the prospect of exploring two such beautiful locations.

Please note that the children will need to wear their P.E. kits and bring a packed lunch on both days. Don't forget the sun cream, as the forecast looks rather warm for Monday!

Have a great weekend, wherever you may be.


Blue Class News

Yesterday, St. Joseph's school orchestra entertained the whole school with a Summer term concert. It was great to see the children perform with such confidence and the variety of instruments and pieces of music on display. We hope that this will inspire some of the children in the Blue classes to take up and instrument and perhaps join the orchestra each Wednesday morning with Miss Hudson.

We also attended Ascension Day Mass with Father Jeff. He talked about it being a day of holy obligation where we celebrate the 40 days after Easter when Jesus ascended to heaven. As usual, the children were beautifully behaved and reflective throughout the service.
In the Blue classes throughout the week we have: looked at area and perimeter, interpreted pictograms, completed dictionary work, and wrote school menus based on the Billionaire Boy.

Lastly, next Friday is own clothes day. To celebrate Prince Harry's upcoming nuptials, we will be dressing in our finest wedding garb. Don't forget to dust off those fascinators and dress to impress!

Blue Class News

On Tuesday we celebrated St. Joseph's day with a whole school mass. Father Jeff explained why St. Joseph's day is important to us as a school and the children offered some well thought out answers. As we are now in the month of May, we have begun to say the Angelus each day at 12 noon. The children have used this time to reflect on their school life and speak to Mary. In Religious Education lessons we have started to discuss the Holy Spirit and the beginning of Pentecost.

This week we have also: continued our work on decimals and division, started work on Billionaire Boy, conducted a Science experiment on gases, created author profiles and learnt more about tsunamis and flooding.

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing long weekend.

Blue Class News

On Tuesday we were treated to a day at Lord's Cricket ground. All of KS2 watched Middlesex Cricket Club play in a Women's T20 match in what was a tightly fought game. Each class then took part in some skill based activities around different parts of the ground. The day was then made complete by a picnic in the park before returning to school. Many thanks to the parents who accompanied us on the day.

Congratulations to the eight children who won the Westminster mini tennis competition against Barrow Hill on Tuesday. According to Coach Grant, it was a highly charged event with St. Joseph's coming out one point on top!

In other lessons this week we have: punctuated pieces of dialogue, multiplied using the expanded method and rounded and ordered decimals. We also discussed the origins of the London Marathon in comprehension work and looked at Mr Stink in more detail.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Blue Class News

It was lovely to welcome all of the children back this week and hear wonderful tales of their Easter break. In English we launched our new author for the term, David Walliams. The children have a clear love for his books, and we look forward to exploring a variety of themes throughout the term. Year 3 has been ordering fractions this week in Maths and Year 4 has been dealing with 5-digit and negative numbers.

The children have also been focusing on their mental maths strategies on a variety of Maths topics. We are also looking forward to next Tuesday, when we will be spending the day at Lord's Cricket Ground. We will be watching a T20 Women's cricket match followed by a picnic. Let's hope the weather is just as lovely as it has been this week!