Year 3

Blue Class News

Preparations have been underway for our annual Christmas service. The children have been busy learning their song words and poems for next week. We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday, for either the 2pm or 6pm performance. The doors to the church will open at 5.30pm.

It was much fun to spend the day in Christmas jumpers today, in order to raise money for St. John's Hospice. It's a charity close to our hearts at St. Joseph's and one we like support throughout the year.

In other lessons this week, the classes have: found fractions of numbers, completed mapping work on Europe, discussed current events and continued our work on Advent in Religious Education.

Wishing you all a restful weekend.


Blue Class News

The Freshwater Theatre company kept the children most entertained today. They took a wonderful journey from The Stone Age, right through to the Iron Age. It was a great way to conclude our topic for this term.

In Maths, the different classes have: doubled and halved numbers up to 1000, explored different strategies used in addition and compared the value of ever increasing fractions.

We (the teachers) have become overnight experts on dragons, as we launched our new topic based on 'How to train your dragon'. The children had much fun choosing adjectives to describe the personality of their perfect and not so perfect dragons. We also explored different coloured dragons who were covered in shades of ocre, azure and ivory.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Blue Class News

Blue 2 and Blue 3 visited the Forest School again this week. It was a most enjoyable morning with the children leaf hunting, mini beast collecting and creating clay models to take back to school. It was all topped off with a hot chocolate to celebrate a busy session.

The Queen's knickers has been the most talked about topic in English this week. We analysed the structure of formal letters and the persuasive language needed to land that perfect job. The Blue classes then set about drafting their own letters in order to become the Queen's next chief knicker maker. It was great to read the finished pieces, as the children really understand the art of persuasion and how to list their outstanding attributes!

Finally, well done to Blue 1 for their informative and entertaining assembly on Mary Anning. They delivered their well rehearsed lines with clear confidence.

Happy Friday to all!

Blue Class News

Disco fever dominated the school today. The children looked fantastic in their colourful and glittery outfits. It was also a great opportunity to have a sing-a-long to some true classics this afternoon!

The children have continued their work on measurement this week. We have looked at fractions of metres and centimetres. Although a tricky concept, the children have done well in their lessons and using this knowledge, have compared the dimensions of various animals with surprising results.

In Religious Education, the Blue classes continue to celebrate the year of the Adoremus. We were really impressed by the children’s artistic interpretations of Jesus during our lesson on the Divine Praises.

We wish you all a happy weekend.

Blue Class News

This week we have focused on measurement and problem solving in Maths. The children have been practising converting different distances between centimetres and millimetres and the decimal equivalents. We also estimated and converted our standing jump distances with coach Andrew! During lessons on problem solving, we have been learning the importance of logic and being methodical in our calculations. We have also discussed how we must double check our answers once we think we have found a solution.

In Religious Education, the Blue classes have been studying Judaism. For homework the children chose to either find facts about the design and layout of a synagogue or the Torah and created a class file. In class, we researched important symbols and the role of the Ten Commandments, both Judaism and our religion.

Based on readings from Aubrey Brown's book, the children took their recently written fables after reading the Tortoise and the Hare and declared a rematch. The children did a great job of creating new settings and even new characters due to retirement, as well as presenting them to the class.

Wishing you all a restful weekend.


Blue Class News

It was lovely to see so many parents for the open afternoons this week. The children were really proud to show their work and discuss what they have been doing in class.

Today we commemorated Remembrance Day. Year 6 hosted a very reflective assembly, which led to some insightful discussions this afternoon.

On Tuesday morning we had a visit from Amy Wilson, the author of Snow Globe. It was a most enjoyable hour as she shared her story writing secrets. She highlighted the fact that as an author, you are only limited by your imagination!

In other lessons this week we have: looked at different methods of subtraction, explored a variety of fronted adverbials, discussed promises made by godparents during baptism and completed dictation activities.

Happy Friday to all, and enjoy your weekend.

Blue Class News

Today has been a fun filled, colourful day and a fitting end to our Read-a-thon. The children looked magnificent and really enjoyed sharing their favourite book characters with the class.

Yesterday Key Stage 2 celebrated All Saints' Day Mass along with the pupils from St. Edwards School. The children prayed reverently and listened beautifully throughout.

In English this week, we have had much fun delving into the world of fables. The children have listened to a variety of stories, trying to guess the correct moral. We have taken a closer look at The Wolf and the Lamb, as well as The Tortoise and the Hare and have started to create our own versions. Next week we will look at the Tortoise and Hare rematch!

In other lessons this week we have: added 3-digit numbers and solved related 'real life' problems, written diary entries after travelling back in time to the Iron Age, discussed story settings in Guided Reading and written about our half term breaks.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Blue Class News

Apparently it doesn't get much better than wearing your pyjamas to school. Much fun was had by all today as the children carried out their lessons in maximum comfort!

In RE the children ordered the service of baptism and explained in detail what each step entails. Many thanks for all of the lovely Baptism photos which are currently on display in the Blue classes.

Maths lessons this week continued to focus on time. The children have really persevered on what can be a tricky topic. It's been great to watch the children challenge themselves on the more difficult tasks.

In other lessons this week we have: designed Christmas cards, tested the durability and permeability of rocks, designed Stone Age tools and written adverb poems.

Wishing you all a restful and safe half term break.

Finally, a big congratulations to Miss Dowling who will become Mrs Ward over the October break. We wish her every happiness on her special day.

Blue Class News

The Blue classes most enjoyed resuming their tennis lessons this week. Each Thursday the classes will concentrate on basic skills and weekly matches which will put them in good stead for the Westminster tennis competition later in the year.

This week we also launched our new RE topic of Promises. In this topic the children will be learning about the promises made in Baptism.

In Maths we have focused on time. In the different classes we have: read time to the nearest minute, calculated time intervals and read bus timetables.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Blue Class News

It's been an extremely busy week at St. Joseph's. Yesterday the children performed beautifully in the annual Poetry Idol competition. It was great to see the children deliver their poems with such confidence and enthusiasm.

This afternoon the children shared poems and Harvest songs to celebrate our Harvest service with Father Jeff. Many thanks for all of the food donations which will be forwarded to our chosen charity, The Passage.

In other lessons this week we have: written prayers of thanksgiving in RE, created cave paintings, compared similes and metaphors and tested different Maths statements.

Finally, a big congratulations to all of the children who competed in the cross country at Regent's Park yesterday. What a great achievement to come first out of all schools in Westminster.