Year 1

Pink Class News

Dear Parents/Carers,

The KS1/Pink Classes lit their second purple Advent candle. It reminds us that we are half way through Advent and we need to think about how we can be more loving.

This week we were particularly proud of all the children and their wonderful performance of The Christmas Story. We hope you enjoyed it too.

The end of the Autumn Term will be soon upon us but we are looking forward to our final week completing many fun packed Christmas activities.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.
From the KS1 Team.

Pink Class News

The KS1/Pink Classes lit their first purple Advent candle. It reminds us to be hopeful during the four weeks of Advent. We also wrote our Advent promises.

It has been a particularly busy week rehearing for the KS1 Nativity play: The Christmas Story. We are looking forward to next week’s performances on Wednesday 12th December at 2:15pm and on Thursday 13th December at 6pm.

It would be much appreciated if your child can return to school on Thursday 13th at 5:30pm dressed in their P.E. kit or home clothes. The Main Reception entrance will be open at 5.30pm. Please come along and we promise you will be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank you,
Year 2 Team

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Pink Class News

We have had another exciting week in the Pink Classes. In Mathematics, we have been working hard to add different amounts of money using the fewest coins as well as calculating change from different amounts.

Next week we look forward to exploring Data Handling/Statistics. We will begin to read and construct Tally Charts, Pictograms and Block Graphs. In English next week we will continue to focus on grammar including past tense verbs. In Religious Education we will be discussing and developing our understanding of the symbols and traditions of Advent.

Last but not least, please help your child (Year 2 only) to practise their lines for the KS1 Nativity play.

The Pink Team would like to wish you a restful family weekend.

Pink Class News

In English this week the children have enjoyed reading the story The Lion in the Meadow by Margaret Mahy. They have been using adjective to describe the lion in the meadow. Next week we will focus on grammar such as past tense verbs and homophones.

In Mathematics we have been working on recognising different coins and choosing the correct coins to pay for different items. Next week we will be exploring different strategies to calculate change (i.e. counting back or counting up if there is a small difference).

In RE the children have been recording their understanding of the symbols of Baptism. Next week we will commence our new RE topic Waiting/Advent.

Pink Class News

The Pink 2 /Year 1 Class did a superb job at retelling the story of Zog by Julia Donaldson. Mrs. Robinson is very proud of you all.

In English this week the children also had the opportunity to research their favourite animal and write their own animal fact file. Next week we will be reading the story of The Lion in the Meadow by Margaret Mahy.

In Mathematics the children grasped the tricky concept of equal sharing. Much to our amazement we also discovered Mrs. Husain is quite partial to a custard cream biscuit and we were happy to share our biscuits with her. Next week in Mathematics we will be discovering the value of money. We will be adding different coin amounts and choosing the fewest coins to pay for different items.

To top it all this week on Thursday the Pink 3/Year 2 Class had the opportunity to explore the woodland area at Paddington REC. The children learned how to identify different trees by collecting the fallen leaves and looking closely at their shape and sizes. Through our visits to the Forest School we have come to appreciate the beauty of nature and God’s creation that little bit more. What an invaluable lesson to us all!

Hope you have a restful weekend.

Pink Class News

Well done to the Pink 1 Class (Miss Windle’s class) for entertaining the whole school with their skilful retelling of the Gruffulo. We will let you know if we bump into him over the weekend.

The Pink classes also enjoyed learning about Guy Fawkes and the Gun Powder Plot in 1605. Next week we will continue with the genre of information text, identifying the features of Headings and Sub-headings along with Glossaries. By the end of the week we endeavour to write our own animal fact files.

In Mathematics we will be finding the half of different amounts as well as developing our understanding of division as sharing into equal groups.

Over the next few days we will all remember and never forget those men and women who fought in the World Wars for our freedom. We are grateful for their spirit of self-sacrifice. May God Bless them all.

Pink Class News

In Religious Education this week the children were sharing their understanding of Baptism in particular in relation to their own family. We looked at a Baptism video and thought about what we would like to find out about Baptism. In the classroom we changed our prayer cloth to the liturgical red colour for November. Throughout the month of November we will be praying for and remembering the deceased members of our families.

In English this week we enjoyed reading Zog by Julia Donaldson. The children wrote precise instructions for Zog the dragon who was having trouble learning to fly. Next week we will be exploring the features of non-fiction text and learning all about Guy Fawkes.

In Mathematics, next week we will continue with multiplication and linking it to repeated addition (e.g. multiples of 5 and 10).

Pink Class News

Dear Parents/Carers,

There have been many educational and pleasant events for the children this half term, from “Poet Idol” to visiting Paddington REC and exploring the “Secret Garden”. After the long summer break the children have worked hard to settle into the rules and routines of Key Stage 1 and life at St. Joseph’s. Thank you for attending the “Parent Consultation” meetings this week. It was an opportunity for us to meet you in person and share your child’s progress with you.

Next half term in English we will be focusing on non-fiction in the first two weeks. In Mathematics, we will be developing our understanding of multiplication (e.g. doubles) and division (e.g. halving). In Religious Education, we will be linking our new “Belonging” topic to Baptism.

Thank you for your continued support and wishing you and your family a relaxing and well deserved rest.

Pink Class News

Dear Parents/Carers, thank you for accompanying all the KS1 Classes on their trip to the library this half term. Please return all library books to the class teachers before the end of next week. This week in English we developed our dictionary skills and learned how they are ordered alphabetically. In Pink 2 the children wrote some wonderful descriptive animal poems.

Next week in Mathematics we will be identifying and describing the properties of 2D/Flat shapes. Please help your child to observe shapes all around them including the shapes of leaves or flowers.

The Pink 3/Year 2 class will be leading whole school assembly next Thursday 18th October at 9am. We are very excited and look forward to seeing you there.

Pink Class News

Dear Parents/Carers, it has been a great week in KS1 but the highlight has been without a doubt “Poet Idol”. On Thursday afternoon the Pink classes performed their individual and class poems superbly in front of the whole school. We were truly impressed with the children’s talent and confident performances. To this end we will continue with poetry next week.

Next week in Mathematics we will be exploring the different mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction. Don’t forget to encourage your child to log onto the Mathletics website.

The Pink 3/Year 2 class will be going to the library on Monday 8th October in the afternoon, if you are available to help please speak to Mrs. Morrin. Thank you for your support.