Year 1

Pink Class News

Dear Parents/Carers,

There have been many educational and pleasant events for the children this half term, from “Poet Idol” to visiting Paddington REC and exploring the “Secret Garden”. After the long summer break the children have worked hard to settle into the rules and routines of Key Stage 1 and life at St. Joseph’s. Thank you for attending the “Parent Consultation” meetings this week. It was an opportunity for us to meet you in person and share your child’s progress with you.

Next half term in English we will be focusing on non-fiction in the first two weeks. In Mathematics, we will be developing our understanding of multiplication (e.g. doubles) and division (e.g. halving). In Religious Education, we will be linking our new “Belonging” topic to Baptism.

Thank you for your continued support and wishing you and your family a relaxing and well deserved rest.

Pink Class News

Dear Parents/Carers, thank you for accompanying all the KS1 Classes on their trip to the library this half term. Please return all library books to the class teachers before the end of next week. This week in English we developed our dictionary skills and learned how they are ordered alphabetically. In Pink 2 the children wrote some wonderful descriptive animal poems.

Next week in Mathematics we will be identifying and describing the properties of 2D/Flat shapes. Please help your child to observe shapes all around them including the shapes of leaves or flowers.

The Pink 3/Year 2 class will be leading whole school assembly next Thursday 18th October at 9am. We are very excited and look forward to seeing you there.

Pink Class News

Dear Parents/Carers, it has been a great week in KS1 but the highlight has been without a doubt “Poet Idol”. On Thursday afternoon the Pink classes performed their individual and class poems superbly in front of the whole school. We were truly impressed with the children’s talent and confident performances. To this end we will continue with poetry next week.

Next week in Mathematics we will be exploring the different mental and written strategies for addition and subtraction. Don’t forget to encourage your child to log onto the Mathletics website.

The Pink 3/Year 2 class will be going to the library on Monday 8th October in the afternoon, if you are available to help please speak to Mrs. Morrin. Thank you for your support.

Pink Class News

Dear Parents/Carers, thank you for supporting and giving us the opportunity to attend the “Forest School” at Paddington REC. The children have had immense fun exploring the woodland and hunting for all different types of flora and fauna. In Year 2, we even got to make our own clay hedgehogs. In English we read the Monkey Puzzle and wrote our own animal descriptions using adjectives. In Year 2 we wrote our own animal riddles with similes.

Next week we are looking forward to whole school Poetry Week and in particular “Poet Idol” when we get to perform our favourite class poems. In Mathematics we have been working hard with our quick mental recall of number bonds/pairs to 10 and beyond. In RE, we learned that a psalm is a prayer which can also be sung. The children also enjoyed developing their bible skills and locating the book of psalms. Next week we will be writing our own psalms.

Pink Class News

Dear Parents/Carers, we have had a busy and exciting week. In English we acted out the story of the Gruffalo and planned our story maps preparing ourselves for the Friday “Big Write”. Next week we will be reading another of Julia Donaldson’s books: Monkey Puzzle. In Mathematics we were using the dienes blocks to make two digit numbers. We partitioned our numbers into tens and ones.

Next week we will be working on our quick mental recall of number bonds/pairs to 10 and beyond. In RE, we completed our lovely class display of the Eucharist. We have also been developing our understanding of the importance of family. Thank you to the children who brought in photographs of their families.

Next week we look forward to the launch of our new history topic: The Man on the Moon - the first Moon landing (1969).

Pink Class News

With our year drawing to a close, the children from pink classes met their new teachers and new classmates on Tuesday. The children have matured so much and are all ready for new challenges in September.

We had such an exciting Thursday as the children in year 6 performed their production of 'Oliver' for the school. We were all amazed and blown away by their talents.

In RE we have been thinking about reconciliation and we wrote our own prayer for being sorry. Presentation is so important to us and the children have been working hard to join letters and improve presentation with great success. The children have been perfecting their maths and ICT skills on Mathletics. Please encourage your child to use Mathletics at home as it helps to build confidence, speed and accuracy in maths and the children also enjoy it.

Next week, we will finish school at 1:30pm on Wednesday. Thank you for your help and support his year. It has been a fantastic year for everybody in the pink classes.

Pink Class News

This week, six lucky Year 2 children went on the year 2 auction promise to Fortnum and Mason. Each child got to choose their own ice cream and toppings for a scrumptious sundae. A wonderful time was had by all.

With the World Cup into the knockout stages and England through to the quarter finals, there has been huge excitement in the pink classes this week. We also have some children supporting their native countries of Brazil, Belgium and Sweden so it is sure to be an exciting weekend.

Tomorrow the pink team will be working at the 'Pink Hair and Nail Salon' at the Summer Fair so do come by if you fancy having your hair braided or your nails painted. You won't be disappointed!!

Thank you to all of the parents who have supported our collections each Friday. There were some mouth-watering cakes to choose from so we will be in early to buy one for ourselves.

Have a lovely weekend.

Pink Class News

What a wonderful week we have had! Sports Day took place yesterday and as always, we had a fantastic time. The children took part in non-competitive games and it was wonderful to see every child participating and for some to learn new skills. The KS1 children were supportive of their classmates and those in their houses. They also lived up to our school Mission Statement- to always try our best. Thanks to parents for participating in our races and for supporting what was a fun day for all .

On Thursday, Pink 3 performed in their final assembly of year 2. We were all engrossed in their performance. The children recited some beautiful poems and sang a beautiful song about the seaside. We were all left longing for our next trip to the seaside.

Next week will be another exciting week. On Thursday, Mrs Morrin and Miss Dowling will take 6 lucky children to Fortnum and Mason, for some delicious ice cream. On Saturday, we will have our much anticipated Summer Fair. Thank you to all who have supported our bottle and jar collection. Next week, we will be collecting in some fresh homemade cakes.

Have a lovely weekend.

Pink Class News

The pink classes have been a hive of activity again this week. Year 1 have all completed their Phonics Screening Check and we are very proud of them.

In RE we have been learning about Islam. The children have learned all about how Muslims prepare for prayer and how they pray on a special prayer mat.

In English, we have been continuing to read about Mr Grinling and the children retold the story. Pink 1 also retold the story to everybody for their assembly on Thursday. They also performed some sea shanties which inspired  us to do more hard work. Next Wednesday, Pink 3 will perform for their final assembly for this year.

Excitement is building for our upcoming Sport's Day next Thursday at Paddington Rec. and for our Summer Fair. Thank you for supporting our sweet jar collection. Next week, we will be collecting bottles for the tombola stall.

Have a lovely weekend

Pink Class News

We have had another fun and exciting week in the pink classes. Our topic this term is 'The Seaside' so the children have created some beautiful art pieces inspired by sun, sea and sand. We have been reading 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' which has been a lot of fun. We even 'concocted' some delicious and scrumptious sandwiches of own. After all that work it was important to sample our work- the best part!

With Father's Day fast approaching, we celebrated all of the wonderful fathers with their very own prayer service. Thank you for doing all that you do and being you.

The Year 1 Auction Promise took place yesterday. Six very lucky children went to Regent's Park to see Peter Pan in the open-air theatre and they also had a picnic. Jarvis also went along and had so much fun exploring.

Next Thursday, Pink 1 will have their final assembly of the year. We hope you can make it.

We hope you have a Happy Father's Day