Year 5

Violet Class News

As it is the month of the rosary, we have created a collaborative rosary bead. We each wrote a prayer to Our Lady for what we are thankful for. It is on display (at the top of the stairs) for everyone to enjoy.

We had great discussions about a range of different Greek myths, and the children used this knowledge and incorporated it when creating their own. The children were very enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed sharing their myths with each other.

This week in Maths, we have focused on the column method for addition and subtraction, and solved problems using these methods. It was great to see the kids persevering with challenging tasks.

It was wonderful to see those of you who came to parents evening, have a lovely weekend!

Miss Burton and Miss Cottingham

Amazing rosary display.jpg

What an amazing week! On Tuesday, most of the class went a trip to the Brunel Museum and learnt about many of Mr Brunel's inventions during the Industrial Revolution. What was your favourite fact? In English this week, we started looking at the features of a persuasive letter: passive voice, emotive language, hyperbole (a fancy word for exaggeration), rhetorical questions using modal verbs, facts and opinions. This is great preparation for next week where we will be writing our own persuasive letter.

In Maths, we completed some assessments and received some very pleasing results. Next week, we are looking forward to the Library visit on Monday.

Violet Class News

It has been an eventful week for Violet 1 and 2. We were fortunate enough to watch an outstanding performance by the Young Shakespeare Company, some students were also invited to take part in a few roles. Our poetry tea party was an absolute success, the children were so proud and excited to perform these to grandparents and parents.

This week in Maths we focused on adding and subtracting numbers mentally, thinking specifically about which strategy would be the most efficient. Students have had great learning conversations about the different ways equations can be solved.

Science and Topic saw students work collaboratively. Drama was incorporated as students created a slow motion action clip of an Ancient Greek and Modern Day Olympic event which was accompanied by a caption. We had an editable science lesson, using oreos to create the different moon phases.

Next week, Violet 1 is heading to the Maida Vale library on Wednesday (weather permitting).


Daddy fell into a Pond, Your Smile is Contagious, In a Dark, Dark Woods, The Owl and The Pussy Cat, The Morning Rush are just a few of the fantastic poems that were recited at the Poetry Together Recitals this week. We had an amazing parent and grandparent turn out, thank you for your continued support; we hope that you enjoyed sipping on tea, nibbling on a slice of cake while listing to some incredible poems. A big thank you to all the teachers and children for really putting in so much work to celebrate the love of poetry. Poetry Week has been a great success.

When was the last time you had a go at Long Division? For Violet 3 it was this week! On Monday, we felt fearful – It’s just sound so complicated, but by Tuesday we felt more confident and by the end of the week most of us were completing Long Division sums standing on our heads. Can you explain how to complete 2331 ÷ 37 using Long Division?

On Wednesday, The Young Shakespeare’s Company came to school and performed Macbeth. It was fantastic! Incredible! Everyone was buzzing after the play. It was so interactive, we laughed and the wicked witches scared us. Then in English, we became Theatre Show Critics and wrote a theatre show critique. Most of us would highly recommend the show to a friend. Next week, we are looking forward to our class trip to the Brunel Museum.

Violet Class News

We have had another a jam-packed week in Year 5! Persuasive writing has been our focus in English. The children produced some fantastic letters, dazzling us with their use of emotive language and rhetorical questions to persuade their reader! Next week our main focus will be Poetry, the children will be bringing home poems to learn and recite. In Maths we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000, we will be tackling Roman Numerals next week. In RE we discussed Paul's letter to the Colossians and what it means to be a Holy Person. On Thursday, the children listened to in a very informative fire safety talk, can they share with you what they learnt?

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Burton and Miss Cottingham

Hunting for tiny bugs and finding frogs were a few of the highlights from Forest School this week. We also learnt about food chains and food webs, it's fantastic being outdoors all afternoon!

There was much excitement in English this week because we started reading our class book The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce. We are finding the book very relatable because the children in the book are in Year 6. Using description, integrated dialogue, modal verbs and more description we wrote a diary entry from the perspective of Julie (she's the narrator). We can't wait to read more and see what happens!

In Maths this week we focused on short division, short multiplication and using rounding to estimate and solve questions quickly. We continued to explore the Circulatory System in Science, finding out facts about Veins, Arteries and drawing diagrams with a compass. Next week, we are looking forward to conducting a science experiment.

Have a restful weekend!
Violet 3

Violet Class News

We have had another great week in Year 5 . This week we have focused on the story of Moses and the good Samaritan, the children did a brilliant job retelling these stories and explaining the messages portrayed. We have continued our work on place value in Maths, focusing on identifying the value of a digit in numbers up to 1 million. In small groups we applied our knowledge from the past two weeks to answer word problems. We began our Science topic-Space , the children enjoyed sharing their prior knowledge and we are looking forward to hearing their name suggestions for the exoplanet and star.

The children thoroughly enjoyed their session on the Life Education bus, they explored the concepts of making good decisions and how to care of their physical and mental well-being.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Cottingham and Miss Burton

This week has gone as quick as a lightning bolt! The vast Violet 3 worked wonders with their Autobiographies this week. Ensuring that they wrote in the past tense and first person, they brought their writing to life by using: alliteration, similes and adjectives to create an insightful glimpse into their lives. Each one providing an entertaining and enjoyable read.

In Maths this week, we have focused on ensuring that we have a solid understanding of place value, ordering and comparing large numbers and rounding numbers. Can you explain the rule we use when we round numbers to the nearest 10,100 and 1000?

We thoroughly enjoyed participating in Life Bus this week, thank you Miss Armstrong for organising this for us. Next week, we are really looking forward to our first Forest School of the year on Monday 16th September.

Violet Class News

Welcome to year 5! We have had a wonderful first week back at school, all the children have made a fantastic start! We are so impressed with their positive attitude and mature manner, proving they are ready and raring to go for the year ahead. In RE this week we have looked closely at our school mission statement and identified what it means to us, in English we have started reading our class novel - 'Thief' and have really enjoyed playing a New Zealand game called 'Narley' in sport. We are looking forward to starting our Science and History topics next week! The year 5 curriculum meeting is on Monday at 3.45pm

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Burton and Miss Cottingham

What an amazing first week back to school! Every single child in Violet 3 has been incredible. They’ve looked smart, worked smart and really aimed to impress. Well done! Let’s keep this going until the end of the year.

In English, we started working on writing an autobiography so we could share a little bit about ourselves with Miss Brooks and show off our penmanship skills. We really pushed ourselves in Maths this week as we completed a few assessments and Miss Brooks, Mrs Procaccini and Miss Ward are all very pleased with the results. Friday afternoon, was probably the best part of the week because we were able to go and see our buddies for the first time this year. It was brilliant!

Next week, we are looking forward to a visit from the Life Bus!

Have a restful weekend.

Miss Brooks, Mrs Procaccini and Miss Ward.

Violet Class News

Another amazing week for Violet 3. On Tuesday, we concurred our fears and climbed to the viewing platform inside The Shard. We were amazed with interesting facts about it, the total height of the building is 309.6 metres and it contains 11,000 glass panels! We marvelled at the incredible view London provided us and we felt much pride in calling the beautiful sight our home.

For the rest of the week we focused on rehearsing for our end of year show and our leavers Mass. Violet 3 are certainly ready for a final busy week ahead.

Violet Class News

There were two clear highlights for the Year 5 classes this week. The first was the recapping of place value and equivalent fractions in Maths - the children have progressed fantastically in these areas this year. The second was Sports day! Excellent behaviour, terrify sportsmanship and a positive attitude to participation characterised a wonderful, sunny day at Paddington Rec!

This week, we furthered our learning on Brazil in Topic, studying: climate, rivers, peaks, landmarks and culture. Our vastly improved debating skills were put to great use in RE where the children put forward strong arguments for and against working on the Sabbath day.

We are looking forward to our secondary school taster day at St George's on Friday 5th July. Lunch will be provided so there is no need for any child to bring packed lunch.

Enjoy the weather this weekend,
Mr McGee and Miss Burton

Six children sped down the Thames on Monday in an exhilarating ride on a jet boat. Back on dry land, they headed to the nearest pizzeria and filled their bellies with mouth-watering pizza and they finished the afternoon with a stroll through St James' Park and ice-cream. It was a fantastic treat, thank you Mr Bowles for joining us! Back at school, the rest of us beavered away on our Our Place powerpoints for our new Geography topic.

Wednesday was the best day of the year, Sports Day! And every child in Violet 3 showed great sportsmanship throughout the whole day and participated with enthusiasm and joyfulness. There was tough competition against the Violet classes in the Tug-of-War. A big thank you! To Miss Armstrong and Coach Grant, for organising such a wonderful day.

Rehearsals for Macbeth, Leavers Mass and Assembly are dominating Violet 3's timetable, but everyone is having fun and putting in hundred percent. Next week, we are really looking forward to our Buddies Picnic, let's hope the sun stays out.

Have a lovely weekend!
Miss Brooks

Violet Class News

Although the weather has been bleak, spirits certainly haven't been in Violet 1 and 2. Both classes had the pleasure of going to Hampstead Heath for exciting but challenging orienteering activities. The children exhibited fantastic teamwork and communication skills and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the woods and open areas. We discussed and wrote about the importance of the Ten Commandments and how they help guide us to follow the Catholic faith. We recapped multi step division problems and prime factors in Maths, whilst continuing to develop our descriptive writing in English. We can not wait for sports day on Wednesday next week! Have a fabulous weekend!

Miss Burton and Mr McGee

Violet Class News

It's been a terrific week in Violet 1 and 2, which started with a thoroughly enjoyable trip to Lord's cricket ground! Despite the rain, we all had a fantastic day and the children's excellent behavior did not go unnoticed. The day involved; playing cricket, having a tour of the ground, listening to former English cricketer Matt Prior and even eating lunch in one of the boxes.

On Tuesday there was a real buzz of excitement in Violet 1 and 2 as the children met their buddies for the first time! When the children are in Year 6 they will each have a reception child as their buddy. The children spent some time in Nursey this week getting to know their new young friends, I am sure the Year 5's will be excellent role models.

In English we have continued reading our class novel, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, we have also written some fantastic setting descriptions. In Topic we used maps to locate Brazil and other countries in South America, we looked at the physical geography features in these regions. Our Maths focus has been recapping decimals and applying our knowledge to solve problems.

We are very much looking forward to our orienteering trips to Hampstead Heath next week - remember packed lunches!

Have a wonderful weekend.
Miss Burton and Mr McGee

Violet Class News

What an amazing week back it's been for Violet 1 and 2! The children clearly came back well rested after our hectic but fun few days at Sayers croft. We have been writing thank you letters as our English focus for the week to express our gratitude for the wonderful time we had. In Maths we have recapped our learning on decimals, concentrating particularly on converting them to fractions and percentages.

The children LOVED our computing session with Mbots which they programmed to follow instructions such as lighting up and making sounds. Next week the children will code the robots to move in specified directions. Also this week we began our case study on Brazil and learnt about the importance of D-Day, in conjunction with the 75th anniversary celebrations.

Miss Burton and Mr McGee