Year 3

Blue Class News

It's been another busy week for the Blue classes. In English the children impressed us with their witty and well structured limericks. They did a great job of adhering to the AABBA rhyme structure and used the correct amount of syllables in each line. Well done!

In Religious Education, we continued our work on Special Places. In mapping work, the children researched places special to Jesus on a map of Jerusalem. Later in the week we learnt the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

In other lessons we have: compared different Roman gods, enjoyed cricket lessons with the MCC and rounded populations of different cities around the world.

On Monday afternoon we will be attending the Year 6 leavers' Mass at the church. If you able to accompany us at 1.30 pm for a 2pm start, it would be much appreciated.

Happy Friday to all!

Blue Class News

Sports day was a great success on Wednesday. When the children were asked of their favourite moments, the tug-of-war and the running races were the firm favourites. It was great to see their passion and teamwork on the day. A big thank you to all the parents for their enthusiasm and support. It always adds to the lovely atmosphere, and the children love watching their parents taking part in the adult races.

The week on a whole has been very busy. We have made the most of the glorious sunshine with some outdoor learning and looked at Islam as our RE focus this week.

We look forward to seeing you all at the annual Summer Fair next Saturday.

Blue Class News

Hampstead Heath was the perfect setting this week for our orienteering sessions. The children had great fun developing their map reading skills as part of Geography week. Each class then enjoyed a picnic and some playground adventures. Many thanks again to the parents who accompanied us on these trips.

We had a lovely visit from the NSPCC on Wednesday. It's always a charity we fondly support each year. The children are being encouraged to complete a sports challenge at school to 'earn' their sponsorship.

In other lessons this week we have: enjoyed guided reading sessions, solved pyramid number puzzles, discussed the clothing worn by Roman Soldiers and continued our work on persuasive writing.

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend.

Blue Class News

Year 3 looked splendid as they celebrated their first Holy Communion at St. Joseph's this morning. Father Lorenzo led a lovely mass where the children sang beautifully and conducted readings with much maturity. We then had fun this afternoon marking the occasion with a party with the help of Year 4!

In English this week we have been focusing on persuasive writing. We have been discussing the pros and cons of zoos. It has generated many animated discussions and we look forward to the children formulating their 'arguments' for and against in their written work next week.

In other lessons this week we have: used Skittles to help us accurately divide, further explored programming M Bots, looked at perimeter and area and researched the life of Julius Caesar.

Next week we look forward to our orienteering sessions in Hampstead.

Happy Friday to all.

Blue Class News

A workshop on Coding where the children programmed their B Bots to change colours and flash its lights was definitely the highlight this week. The children enjoyed the challenges presented, and are eager to take part in more sessions in the coming weeks.

The Blue classes began their new topic on Romans this week. Thanks to Miss Ward, week have some amazing displays in the making. We look forward to studying the Roman legacy and how it influences our daily lives.

In P.E. the children are in training for sports day. They have enjoyed some endurance related activities, as well as practising for some of the field events. It's now less than 2 weeks until our annual sports day. We look forward to you joining us on this fun occasion.

In other lessons we have: enjoyed the story of the prodigal son, identified superlatives in English, looked at data in Maths and discussed current sporting events as seen in our daily news bites.

Wishing you all a peaceful weekend.

Blue Class News

It's been a busy week to finish the half term. In Topic work the children studied tourism in St. Lucia and all of the wonderful things this island has to offer. They then thought about which types of holidays would suit a range of ages and interests. Blue 2 also led a lovely assembly to celebrate our topic of Energy and highlight the month of Mary. Well done!

The Blue classes also began work on 'Choices' in Religious Education. We had some in depth discussions on making wise and unwise choices and the related consequences.

Light is proving to be a popular topic in Science. This week we explored the world of mirrors and reflections. An afternoon was then spent writing sentences as they were reflected and walking zig zag paths only using our mirrors for guidance.

In other lessons we have: drawn perpendicular lines, completed two-step maths problems, learnt the rules of contractions and written informal letters to Beowulf's father.

I'm sure you'll agree that a good rest is in order! Happy half term to all.

Blue Class News

The children have had a great time during Science Week. They watched live experiments using dry ice, played the mystery item game in the absence of light and went on an outing to Paddington Rec.

In Maths and English the children revised key concepts learnt throughout the year. In topic work the children looked at St. Lucia and its tourism. We also compared the yearly average temperatures and rainfall with that of the U.K.

Wishing you all a safe and relaxing weekend.

Blue Class News

This week the Blue classes have been learning the art of boasting in true Anglo-Saxon style. We took on the persona of Beowulf and regaled tales of previous battles and impressive lineage.

In Religious Education, the children looked at the gifts of the Holy Spirit and how we can help others in every day life. The Ascension has also formed part of our lessons and we wrote about how the disciples felt during this time.

During Maths, the classes have covered the topics of column addition, 2-D shapes and their properties with references to angles. We even challenged ourselves by drawing reflex angles and taking shortcuts using our knowledge of a full rotation.

In other lessons we have: started our topic on light, spotted Mr Whoop's spelling mistakes and discussed the royal arrival!

Happy Friday to all!

Blue Class News

Today we had another visit from the Science Museum. The children had an hour long 'Mission to Mars' session where they made mini rockets using a series of tubes.

In English we have been reading Beowulf. The children are really enjoying this genre and the history that accompanies this tale. The children then practised converting a piece of text from the 3rd to the 1st person.

Our new topic in Religious Education is focusing on Energy. Over the next few weeks we will be discussing the importance of Pentecost within the church. We also spent today celebrating the life of St. Joseph the worker.

In topic work we have looked at the physical features of St. Lucia and discussed the coat of arms.

Wishing you all a safe and restful long weekend.

Blue Class News

What a great first week we've had to begin the summer term! On Wednesday we enjoyed all that the National Gallery has to offer. The Blue classes were given a guided tour which included observing and appreciating a rich variety of masterpieces. Each class focused on a different theme which included: myths and legends, portraits and religious symbols. This was then followed by a walk around Trafalgar Square where we took in the lively nature of central London.

Yesterday we had a visit from the Science Museum. The children had a highly entertaining session in the afternoon where they learnt about blood and its importance within the body. We had shooting flames, escaping balloons and swimming platelets- all in the name of Science!

It's been a busy four days, and we look forward to immersing ourselves in our new topic of St. Lucia and learning all about Beowulf next week.

Wishing you all a restful weekend.