The Reception children have had another busy week! We have been looking at how we are welcomed and how we are welcomed in church. The children had a wonderful discussion and role play and explored the topic with their peers.

It was wonderful to see so many parents. It is always informative to share information and progress updates. Please continue with the word lists, we aim to send home small, initial reading scheme books next week.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Reception Team


We have had a wonderful week in Nursery exploring our topic All About Me. We have been discussing what we look like and making self portraits using paper plates. We are learning that we are all special and are all an important part of our Nursery Family.

Our Family Wall is beginning to take shape- please continue to bring in family photos to add to our wall.

Next week we will be exploring all things Autumn!

Our Harvest Supper Evening is next Friday 11th October 6pm-8pm. Please come along to support the school, enjoy a lovely meal and let us welcome you to the St Joseph’s community. Tickets are available from the Nursery. Please let us know if you can contribute something as a raffle prize.

Reception class have had another busy week! We have made a fantastic display using shapes. Please have a look as you drop your child off to school in the morning. We had some beautifully decorated rhymes returned to us this week.

Do continue to add to this wonderful book every week. We shall be learning a rhyme every week and using this as a basis for other activities too. The children are also learning new key words every week.

We look forward to seeing parents at our Harvest Supper next week. It is always a wonderful even for parents to get to know each other. Please see our CVCs for details and how you can help.

Mr Bowles' class enjoyed the Forest School trip on Friday. Miss Robb's class will be attending later in the term.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Reception Team


A big warm, welcome to our new friends who started Nursery this week. We now have a full house!

Our story of the week was Owl Babies. This is a fantastic story about baby owls who miss their mum while she is out and reinforces the idea that Mummies and Daddies may go but they always come back! We had lots of fun making our own Owl Baby puppets and retelling the story together.

We also had a visit from Emotion in the Ocean who sang us some lovely songs about our different emotions and how to help us deal with these.

We are looking for somebody to volunteer to be our Nursery Class Parent Representative. Please let the staff know if you are interested.

Reminder: Harvest Supper - Friday 11th October 6-8pm

Tickets are £10 from the Nursery.

Please let us know if you are able to donate any Raffle Prizes.

Thank you,
Nursery Team

In Reception, we have continued our sounds and started our sight words. Please practice the words with your child. Please send book bags in school on Wednesday and we will send new books on a Thursday.

The children in Reception had a wonderful theatre production, learning skills for resilience and ways to keep trying.

Your child will have also brought home a book of Nursery Rhymes which we will practice in school every week. We will change the rhymes every week. Please adorn with stickers, colours and anything that relates to the sheet each week.



In Reception Class we have started learning our sounds this week. Starting with S A T P, we have begun to write and recognise these sounds. Please look at the sheets we have sent home.

In maths we have been looking at patterns and how to continue and repeat. Please look at the website link below - simple activities like these will help your child by supporting what we are doing in school.

Our favourite story this week was The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Have a look at our wonderful paintings!

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Reception Team


In Reception Class we have continued to settle into our new routines and classroom. We discussed how we can show God's love and how we can be a good friend.

Our week started with a visit to the Life Bus and learned about healthy eating, exercise and how we feel. Gerald the Giraffe was great company and we had a wonderful afternoon.

We have also been drawing and practicing writing our names in class. We will send home name writing sheets home this weekend- please look out for these. This will be our focus for the next fortnight.

It was great to see so many parents at our Curriculum Meeting. We have attached the PowerPoint to the EYFS pages on our website. Please do ask if you have any questions. It was great to have another parent representative volunteer.

Have a safe and restful weekend

Reception Team


On Monday Nursery began practising their skills for Sports Day. Each week we will participate in relay races, remembering our position in our team, running the length of the track in a straight line and waiting for our teammates to reach us before beginning to run. We will also practise throwing and catching using bean bags.

We have continued our focus on kindness and friendship with a visit from the NSPCC on Wednesday. We have shared a number of stories about speaking kindly to one another, inclusion and celebrating the ways in which we are unique. At the end of the day we enjoy spending circle time sharing something nice about our friends and reflecting on how we have been kind throughout the day.

Reception class have had another exciting week. We had a wonderful assembly with representatives from the NSPCC who spoke about kindness and who we could talk to if we were worried about something.

We have been continuing to prepare ourselves for next year. We have been working on letter and number formation as well as sentences. In the final few weeks we will continue to look at key words and working on the reading scheme. We will send home remaining words for the summer holidays.

Next week is our Sports Day – which will be on Tuesday afternoon at 2.20 pm. Please join us!


This week in RE, Nursery has been focusing on friendship. We read stories relating to friendship and students worked in small groups to discuss their friends and the qualities that make them special, before drawing a friend in Nursery. Students seemed to agree that a good friend plays with you and makes you feel happy. We are working towards children recognising Jesus’ rule for friends and his words ‘love one another’. Students have enjoyed our story of the week, ‘The Selfish Crocodile’, which has also linked to how we should treat our friends.

We had a number of visitors in Nursery this week. We cooked jam tarts with Elisa’s Mum on Thursday and had a story read to us by Harrison’s Mum on Friday. We love having parents join in with our learning and we are looking forward to more visitors over the coming weeks!

In Reception, we have been busy preparing ourselves for year one. We have been looking at letter formation and writing our numbers. The children have so much progress! In the last few weeks of the term, we will be sending home things that you can do with your child to prepare them for the year ahead.

We, too, in Reception class have been looking at Friendship and showing God’s Love. Do have a look at our wonderful display.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Nursery and Reception Team


The Nursery class has had a wonderful start to the half term. It’s been a pleasure to get to know all of the children and I am thrilled to spend the last term with them before they transition to Reception. They have welcomed me warmly and have been incredibly helpful, teaching me their class routines and all about themselves.

The students have enjoyed our story of the week, ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. They have incorporated this into their role play, using masks to act out elements of the story. There have been a few changes in Nursery this week as we have moved our daily mile to the morning and have found this has helped students to focus on the carpet before lunch. We have also had a focus on name writing and letter formation, with more space in the classroom dedicated to mark marking.

We had music and movement in the hall on Wednesday, a visit from Maida Vale Library on Thursday and cooked cupcakes on Thursday. It’s been a busy week!

In Reception we have been busy looking at staying healthy. We have had a great week making fruit salads, writing recipes and exercising. This leaves us in great stead for our Nursery and Reception Sports Day on 27th June, here at school.

We too enjoyed our library visit and loved the new books that were left with us.

Have a great weekend
Nursery and Reception Team


Nursery and Reception have had a wonderful week, focusing on all things science! We started our week with a trip to London Zoo, where the children were apart of a great workshop using describing words to sort animals into their different types. A favourite part of the day for all was watching the penguins, who were out enjoying the sun, much like us! Thank you again to all the parent helpers who were able to join us, we couldn't have done it without you.

On Thursday we enjoyed a great workshop with Sublime Science, where we made our own slime and looked at electricity through a plasma ball. It was really interesting to see how the light bulb lit up without having to plug it in! They also preformed an assembly using dry ice. It was amazing to see how the balloons blew up own their own by putting the ice inside them!

We will be continuing our topic of living things and science next week, as we have our trip to Urbanwise at Paddington Rec. We are really hoping we have fantastic weather like we have this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Another busy week in Nursery.

This week we have been looking at the life cycle of a butterfly. We have watched youtube clips on a caterpillar going into its chrysalis and transforming into a butterfly. We continue to learn many new words like 'metamorphosis'. Check out our large wall display depicting the life cycle. The children's understanding of their natural world has been fantastic and their recall at group times has reinforced how important learning through play and investigation is for their young inquisitive minds.

Our sunflowers are thriving in the garden since the children helped to transplant them. Our planting is all looking very healthy and is a wonderful way for children to have a hands on approach to growing and planting. We are very excited to see how laden our apple tree is and we should see a good harvest of apples. The same with out strawberry and bean plants.

We continue to talk about how 'May is the Month of Mary' and how throughout May we honor Mary. The children have been sharing their prayers for Mary and made a banner to hang up at home.

On Monday we have our trip to the London Zoo. Please ensure the children are at school on time as the coaches will be here waiting. They need to bring a packed lunch and water bottle please. To those parents helping we thank you and we are looking forward to an exciting show in the education centre followed on with exploring the zoo.

Reception has also been quite busy. We have continued our topic of living things and spent the week looking at sunflowers. On Thursday we planted our own and we are eagerly waiting to see them grow!

As above, Reception also has their trip to the zoo on Monday. Please ensure the children are at school on time; we will be departing from school around 10:00. They need to bring a packed lunch and water bottle please. Unfortunately due to the overwhelming number of parents who have volunteered to accompany us, we have had to have a lottery. Please check with Miss Bouchey if you have any questions. If you were not selected, you are of course more than welcome to meet us at the zoo and join us for the day.

We will be going to Urbanwise at Paddington Rec on May 22 from 12:30 and will return beore the end of the school day. A sign up sheet for parent volunteers will be posted next week.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend