Reception News

Reception class have had a great week! We have transformed our classroom into an amazing art studio! We learned all about Jackson Pollock and created our very own versions. Do come and have a look at our wonderful display.

A huge well done to all of the children for their efforts during the Readathon! It was great to see so many of the children reading and taking such pleasure from books.

We have finished all of our single sounds. Have a look over your child's worksheets and try and find the sounds.


Reception News

Reception class have continued new sounds this week. We have learned J,V,X and W. Please look at the class worksheets which we have sent home in the green book bag. The children had fun making and eating jam sandwiches after we had learned the J sound !We have had such great fun with our parent readers. Thank you to all who came and shared stories.Today was another fantastic day with all of our costumes!

Please keep the Bookstart book at home - it is a present from this wonderful organisation. There are some really useful tips and ideas on their website.

We have been looking at patterns this week, colours, numbers, sounds and shapes. We enclose some ideas that you could try at home.

Do continue reading in aid of our Readathon - only one more week to go!

Reception News

Reception class have finished the half term learning our new sounds h, b, f and l. The children have their writing sheets that have been completed in class in their green book bags. As always, please look and discuss what your child has learned this week.

We have also been busy cooking. On Thursday, we made a lemon cake with our friends. Please do have a look at the pictures we took and wrote about.

Finally, a huge thank you to all of the parents who contributed food, donations and time last week. Our Harvest Supper was a very successful evening due to all of your efforts. The welcome to St Joseph's was as memorable ever for the nursery parents. Thank you all once again.

We look forward to welcoming you all again on 29th October. Have a wonderful and restful half term!

Samara Bouchey

Reception News

Reception class have had another busy week. We have learned sounds ck, e u and r. Do look at the worksheets we have sent home and discuss with your child. In addition, we have continued to work on our key words, again these are in the red and blue books sent home on Thursday.

As part of our sound - related work, we made some amazing robots! Our Noah's Ark display also looks fantastic! Do have a look when you are dropping your child off.

Parents' Evening is fast approaching, please ensure you have booked a time slot with your child's class teacher. We look forward to seeing you on either Wednesday and Thursday evening.

Also, we look forward to seeing so many of you at our Harvest Supper this evening. Thank you to all for your contributions. We are sure it will be a lovely evening.

Reception News

Reception class have been busy as always. We have continued learning our sounds, this week we have learned and used the sounds g - o - c - k. Please do look in your child's red book for the key words to sound out and read this weekend.

We also had great fun performing at the Poet Idol assembly. In class, we looked at rhymes and jingles. The British Council website has some great ideas.

Finally, our PE session this week concentrated on tennis skills. The children really enjoyed practicing ball skills and using the bats.

Reception News

Reception class have busy learning new sounds again this week. Our sounds this week were i n m d. Please look at the practice sheets your child will bring home this weekend and discuss the sounds and how to write them correctly.

Please help your child to practise writing their name using a capital letter for the first letter and lower case letters for the rest, eg: Helen

We have finished our "Where in the World am I" From display and it looks fantastic! Over the coming few weeks we will be looking at where our families are from.

Have a fantastic weekend.

The Reception Team


Reception News

Reception Class have a had another wonderful week and we have been busy as always! We have started putting some of our amazing work on the walls. Do stop and have a look when you are dropping your child off in the mornings.

We have started our phonics programme this week, learning the new sounds S A T P. Please see the books we have sent home with your child we are always available to discuss strategies.

In maths we have been looking at numbers and where we can see them around us - here are a few useful ideas.

At home:

  • in the kitchen

  • on pages in a book or magazine.

In the street:

  • on doors

  • on car number plates

  • on buses.

While out shopping:

  • on price labels

  • on products or shelves

  • in shop windows.

Reception News

Our last full week in Reception has been great! We went to Paddington Rec with our year six buddies and had a wonderful time! Thank you to all joined us.

Our end of year reports have been sent home, do as Miss Bouchey or myself if you have any questions. The children's special books will be sent home on Monday. Also, the remaining word lists will be sent home. Please continue these over the holiday.

We have a special assembly on Tuesday 17th  at 11.00. We will be celebrating the children's achievements with Mrs Husain. Do join us if you can.

As always, uniforms and spare underwear are gratefully received! We would  also be exceptionally grateful of any spare towels, fabrics, blankets, curtains (no duvets please!) for den making etc.

On behalf of all the Reception staff we would like to say a huge thank you. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your families over the last year.  We wish you all a very happy and restful summer holiday. Please come and say hello in September.!

The Reception Team

Reception News

It has been another hot week in Reception Class. We have had lots of fun, making healthy snacks and exercising and keeping fit! We made some avocado crackers after reading Avocado Baby. Then we tasted different fruits from Handa's Surprise.

We are looking forward to our picnic with our year six Buddies on Wednesday. Please send back permission slips as soon as possible. Please join us  if you can - it would be great to round up our year together. We shall be leaving school at 11.00, having lunch and playing some games and shall finish at 2.30. You are most welcome to take your child from Paddington Rec at 2.30. Please provide lunch and water in carrier bag.

We shall be sending our Special Books in the coming days - we have to keep a sample of the books. Mr Bowles will speak with you if we need to keep your child's book for a short while.

We shall be sending a 'Helping your child in English' pack which will help prepare your child for year one in the next few days. Also, we shall be sending any 'word lists' that your child is currently working on. Please ask if you have any questions.

Have a restful weekend.

The Reception Team