This term has been very busy with many events and visitors to Nursery, including Book Week and Art Week The children have coped admirably and gained much from these events.

The Traditional Tales focus has been very popular for all the children. We finished with a much loved story 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'. All the children are taking an active role in exploring all the areas of learning and are maturing before our eyes. They are developing into confident and independent learners.

Reception has had a very busy week and term! We have had so many fantastic days with the children, and the progress that they have made this term has been fantastic- they have worked so hard and we are all ready for a much deserved break! We had the most wonderful visitor on Friday, Miss Kasia brought her Bearded Dragon to visit! The children were so engaged and were so gentle with them. They all had a go at giving her a pat, even though she had lots of funny looking spikes!

We finished the term with lots of Easter activities. The children loved wearing their Easter Bonnets and parading them to their peers and families. Congratulations to Sophia-Lynne, Harvey and Mark for their winning bonnets.

Have a wonderful holiday and see you in two weeks. Thank you for all the support and parent helping in the EYFS over the term. This is of great value to your child and links home to school in a positive affirmative way.

We all wish you an Easter blessed with lots of joy and happiness.

May God bless you.
The EYFS Team


This week in Nursery we continued to look at favourite traditional tales. The children have really enjoyed acting out the 'Three Little Pigs' story. It has been wonderful to see how confident they are in retelling stories.

Our beans continue to grow well. We have planted them on tubs outside on our decking and will continue to observe their growth. We also planted our sunflowers ready for the summer term when we start of 'Living Things' focus.

We made our Easter cards this week for our families which they will bring home next week. We continued to talk about Easter at circle times and reading of books. We also made day cards and gifts and wish all our mothers, aunties and grandmothers a very happy day.

Reception class have been as busy as ever this week! We have been looking at doubling and halving numbers and 'counting on' in our heads. Please look at the following video. There are some great ideas and mathematical language to explain the concept.

We have continued to look at Lent and keeping to our promises. Next week, during Holy Week we will be looking at the days preceding lent and making our ow reflections.

Our Mothers' Day service was a great success, we do hope you enjoy your presents that the children spent so much time making.

Here's hoping the sunshine continues and you all have a great weekend.

The EYFS Team


It has been a wonderful week in Reception class. We have been as busy as ever. We have looked at Lent and made our promises: do look at our wonderful Lenten Tree. We also spoke about what we could do to help others during Lent. We have chosen to support the Catholic Children's Society. Please encourage your children to fill their boxes with coins.

Our Mondrian Art Wall also looks amazing! Our Art Week project was a great success!

What an exciting week we have had in Nursery this week!! We had our first big trip out of Nursery to the Science Museum. The bus trip was full of adventure and the basement of the museum was interactive and engaging for our children. Thank you to all our parent helpers.

Book week saw us continue to look at Traditional stories. We had parent readers each day and on Friday Miss Windle came in to read to the children. The children all became authors and illustrators and made a book. We have displayed this in our room for all to enjoy.

We talked about getting ready for Easter and how the church gives us 40 days to get ready and prepare and that this is called Lent. The children each made a purple flower and we put them together to make a large flower with 40 petals. The children also found out that the special colour for preparing is purple and painted our foot purple and put the footprints on our RE wall.

We finished the week dressed as our favourite book character. Next week we are looking at the story 'The 3 Bears and Goldilocks'.

Have a wonderful weekend.


In Reception class we have had such a fun filled art week! We had a drama and dance workshop which we all really enjoyed as well as producing our Mondrian art wall. Do stop by and have a look at our wonderful art display.

In maths we have been looking at numbers and addition - do look at the EducationCity website for games and fun things to do related activities.

The introduction of Traditional tales has been well received by the Nursery children. Reading to the children is always a high focus in Nursery as we firmly believe that exposure to many types of books, and hearing them read in many voices develops a love of reading and is the door to developing their knowledge. This helps to establish a love of learning throughout their schooling life.

We planted beans and will watch them closely to see what happens next. We will continue with Jack and the Beanstalk next week.

This week was 'Art Week' and we looked at the artist Kandinsky. The children have produced some amazing artwork that has been proudly displayed in the classroom and in a book. Please take the time to look at these displays with your children. The children also attended a drama and dance workshop which they loved. They have also been busy creating our class piece, with Agustin’s mum for our school auction.

Next week we will be thinking about Lent and the promises we could make. Book Week is also next week so we will be making our own books and reading our favourite books. Don't forget next Friday, 8th March is Dress Up Day as your favourite book character. Tuesday, 5th March the Nursery children will be visiting the Science Museum.

Have a relaxing weekend after a busy start to your term.
The EYFS Team


The Nursery class has had a fantastic half term. The children really enjoyed our topic 'People Who Help Us'. They were really interested and were fully engaged in all the exciting activities we planned.

We welcomed visitors who helped enhance our learning and understanding of how people help us and what we can do to help them.

Thank you to all our parent readers and parent chefs that came in this term. New rosters are filling up fast. Do continue to read to the children over the holiday. We have been talking about rhyming words and there are many books that are fun and engaging that identify rhyming verses.

In Reception we have had such a busy week. We started with a Chinese New Year story and made some fantastic 'Year of the Pig' lucky pictures and had a special story. Thank you to our parent helpers for this activity.

We have sent home a parent feedback questionnaire in your child's bag. This will help us when we are planning for our next half term as well as helping us what your child does outside of school.

Thank you to all our parents who attended our Parents' Workshops. We hope you found the presentation and work stations beneficial. The power point has been put on the school website.

Next term will be very exciting where we will be reading lots of fairy tales and traditional tales and we will focus on a few of our favourites. Week 1 is' Art Week' where we will be looking at art work by Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian. Our second week back is 'Book Week' where we will be writing and illustrating our own stories. You may wish to help the children think of ideas of what they would like to write a story about.

We have lots of exciting things planned for the term.

Have a safe and restful holiday,
The Nursery and Reception Team


The children in Nursery continued to enjoy our topic 'People Who Help Us'. They have been really interested and fully engaged in all the exciting activities we have planned. This week the quiet room became a hairdressers. We have read stories on looking after our hair and the children particularly enjoyed the story 'Nat's Naughty Nits'

We began our new topic in RE - Gathering - discussing how people gather together to hear God's word and how they are loved by God.

The children are enjoying our music sessions and beginning to respond to stop and start and following instructions, all a prerequisite to reading.

In Reception, we have had such a busy time! Our week included a trip to The London Transport Museum which gave us lots to talk, write, paint and draw about! It was a great learning experience for all.

Thank you to all of the parents who joined us - your help was greatly appreciated and we really could not have made it there without your help. The children were beautifully behaved.

On Thursday will be holding our Reception Curriculum Morning. There will be lots of ideas how to help your child in Reception in the final half of the year. Please join us if you can. 09.00-10.00 in the Reception Classroom.


We have had another fantastic week in Nursery.

We extended our People Who Help Us focus to health workers - the 'Health Centre' in the quiet room has been buzzing with dramatic play re visiting the doctor and dentist. Many have had a strong interest in immunizations in their play, as is relevant to what is happening to many of them at present. We have a paramedic visiting the nursery and this will add to the children's role play. Paddington Fire visited briefly but were called away twice to an emergency which delighted the children.

The children are participating well in the Daily Mile with some part of each day the children running round an area of the school. This is a wonderful time to run together, socialize , and have fun. It never ceases to amaze us what young children are capable of and with positive affirmations and support they blossom into active happy children with inquiring minds and independent learners making their own learning choices with confidence and perseverance.

Phonic Play - We continue to look at initial sounds. To date we have looked at s a p t. and have started looking at m and n. We have been introducing games that help us identify rhyming words. For instance our rhyming soup song - in goes a clock, rock, sock, block. We are reading many books that highlight the rhyming of words.

A few reminders:

  • Please send the children with shoes and socks rather than tights under their school trousers and shorts so they can independently remove their footwear for our music and movement sessions and PE.

  • Please return permission slips for our trip to the Science Museum.

  • Put in your diary our Parents Maths workshop on Wednesday February 13th from 9 - 10am.

Reception has also been very busy this week! We've been looking at different medical professions and it has been fantastic to see all their knowledge of different aspects of health care!

Reception Reminders:

  • On Tuesday we are going on our trip to the Transport Museum! Please remember to come in full school uniform (including coats) and to send your child with a packed lunch in a disposable bag. Please don't send plastic water bottles/containers.

  • Please join us on Thursday February 14th at 9:00 for our Parents workshop, looking at how you can support your child in the final terms of reception


The children in nursery have been very busy this week. Firefighters have been a very popular focus! Com in and check out the new displays- fire truck paintings, maths wall and a large fire truck that has been made for the fire station!

Please remember that book bags now go home on Mondays (Nursery only). We still need clothes returned, especially girls underpants.

In Reception we went on our trip to Pizza Express and had a wonderful time. The children really enjoyed making their pizza's and had lots to say! Everyone behaved beautifully; we are very proud of them! In maths we discuss cutting pizzas into halves and how we can share with others.

We are really looking forward to the Paddington Fire station coming to visit Early Years next week!

Have a fantastic weekend!


The children in Nursery and Reception have returned fresh and ready to learn! It has been great listening to all their adventures and tales from the break!

This week, we have looked at The Epiphany and The Three Kings. We had great fun acting out the story, painting pictures and finishing the Nativity Story.

As we move into Spring, our topic has changed to 'People Who Help Us'. The Nursery children have spent time looking at people in our school and how they help us. We enjoyed a visit from Nicky, our lollipop lady. Displays have been changed in nursery, do have a look!

In Reception the children have produced some wonderful work for our displays. Do have a look as you drop off or collect your child from school. For Reception, please send back all trip letters as soon as possible. We will compile a list of parent helpers next week. Thank you for all of the parents who have volunteered so far.

Have a lovely weekend
Nursery and Reception


It must be Christmas!!

It has been a week of many highlights for all the children.

Starting with two performances of our Nativity Play. The school got to enjoy and appreciate our efforts. How exciting to see all your proud faces while watching your children perform their play. We are also very proud of them, and acknowledge all the hard work on their part to learn so many songs and lines and to feel confident to stand up in front of their whole school and then their families.

The children have been busy making decorations and baking treats while listening to joyous Christmas music in the background, making it a fun and exciting time for all.

We had a very lovely Christmas lunch on Wednesday. It was so nice to celebrate with everyone and the children really enjoyed pulling the crackers and wearing their crowns for the rest of the day!

A warm thank you from all the teaching team for the kind words and gifts. We are very appreciative.

In the New Year we will be looking at 'People Who Help Us'. Any skills you may have we would love you to come into our classrooms and share with the children. Thank you.

For the Nursery children we will continue to foster their independence skills and reinforce our affirmation 'I can do it.' How many of our children can walk to school by the end of January!!

From all of us in EYFS , have a wonderful Christmas! We hope it is safe and restful, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!