The children in Nursery and Reception have returned fresh and ready to learn! It has been great listening to all their adventures and tales from the break!

This week, we have looked at The Epiphany and The Three Kings. We had great fun acting out the story, painting pictures and finishing the Nativity Story.

As we move into Spring, our topic has changed to 'People Who Help Us'. The Nursery children have spent time looking at people in our school and how they help us. We enjoyed a visit from Nicky, our lollipop lady. Displays have been changed in nursery, do have a look!

In Reception the children have produced some wonderful work for our displays. Do have a look as you drop off or collect your child from school. For Reception, please send back all trip letters as soon as possible. We will compile a list of parent helpers next week. Thank you for all of the parents who have volunteered so far.

Have a lovely weekend
Nursery and Reception


It must be Christmas!!

It has been a week of many highlights for all the children.

Starting with two performances of our Nativity Play. The school got to enjoy and appreciate our efforts. How exciting to see all your proud faces while watching your children perform their play. We are also very proud of them, and acknowledge all the hard work on their part to learn so many songs and lines and to feel confident to stand up in front of their whole school and then their families.

The children have been busy making decorations and baking treats while listening to joyous Christmas music in the background, making it a fun and exciting time for all.

We had a very lovely Christmas lunch on Wednesday. It was so nice to celebrate with everyone and the children really enjoyed pulling the crackers and wearing their crowns for the rest of the day!

A warm thank you from all the teaching team for the kind words and gifts. We are very appreciative.

In the New Year we will be looking at 'People Who Help Us'. Any skills you may have we would love you to come into our classrooms and share with the children. Thank you.

For the Nursery children we will continue to foster their independence skills and reinforce our affirmation 'I can do it.' How many of our children can walk to school by the end of January!!

From all of us in EYFS , have a wonderful Christmas! We hope it is safe and restful, and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year!


We have all been so busy practising our Christmas Play this week. Thank you for all of the costumes sent, lines learned and songs rehearsed! We are looking forward to showing you what we have been doing for the past few weeks. The children will need to change into their costumes on Monday and Wednesday: please ensure that your child is on time.

It was great to see the children in their Christmas jumpers. We discussed the great contribution that St John's Hospice makes to people who are sick. Again, thank you for all of your contributions.

Friday finished with a bang! We had our wonderful pantomime. The children enjoyed the production of Jack and the Beanstalk and left reciting much of the story!

We look forward to seeing Nursery and Reception parents on Wednesday 19th December.



The Nursery and Reception classes have been busy in our own preparations for Advent. We have been looking practising our songs and lines for our upcoming show. The children in Nursery will need black leggings and a t shirt.

Across both classes we have made our Advent wreaths and started looking at the Christmas Story. Please have a look at our displays when you drop off your child.

The children in Nursery have made a beautiful display to reflect the Adoremus part of our RE teachings this year. In Reception we have also looked at Advent and made our own colours. Please highlight the candles in church at the weekend.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Nursery and Reception


It has been a wet and windy week but we have got outdoors at every opportunity.

The children have been very busy rehearsing their Nativity play and we are all getting very excited for everyone to see our play.

A reminder to Nursery parents to send in the black tops and leggings as we will be during full dress rehearsals this coming week. Thank You.

The nursery children have continued to look at colour and shades. The sensory room has been very popular and they are still actively investigating light and shadows. This coming week it will become an interactive Christmas room as we begin to talk about our topic Advent to Christmas.They have been excitingly making their Christmas surprises. Shhh they are trying to keep them a secret.

In Reception we have been focusing on your maths this week. The children learned how to make surveys and have been gathering information for their own pictographs! We have also learned about ordinal numbers and had some very exciting car races.

In English, we have learned the long and short OO sound and NK. The children have really been working hard on their writing and it is such a joy to see how much they can do already!

Have a wonderful weekend!
The Early Years Team

Reception News

The children have had such fun this week making and preparing the glasses for their parents. Equally it was great to see so many great disco outfits today! We even had our very own disco dance as a class.

We have continued with our sounds- th, ee and ng were our sounds this week.Do continue to learn the key words as always - the progress is fantastic!

We also looked at shapes and their properties. Do have a look at the EducationCity Website for some fun and interactive games.

As we look forward to Christmas, the date of our combined nursery and reception Christmas production is 19th December in the school hall at 9.30.

Reception News

Reception class have had a great week! We have transformed our classroom into an amazing art studio! We learned all about Jackson Pollock and created our very own versions. Do come and have a look at our wonderful display.

A huge well done to all of the children for their efforts during the Readathon! It was great to see so many of the children reading and taking such pleasure from books.

We have finished all of our single sounds. Have a look over your child's worksheets and try and find the sounds.


Reception News

Reception class have continued new sounds this week. We have learned J,V,X and W. Please look at the class worksheets which we have sent home in the green book bag. The children had fun making and eating jam sandwiches after we had learned the J sound !We have had such great fun with our parent readers. Thank you to all who came and shared stories.Today was another fantastic day with all of our costumes!

Please keep the Bookstart book at home - it is a present from this wonderful organisation. There are some really useful tips and ideas on their website.

We have been looking at patterns this week, colours, numbers, sounds and shapes. We enclose some ideas that you could try at home.

Do continue reading in aid of our Readathon - only one more week to go!

Reception News

Reception class have finished the half term learning our new sounds h, b, f and l. The children have their writing sheets that have been completed in class in their green book bags. As always, please look and discuss what your child has learned this week.

We have also been busy cooking. On Thursday, we made a lemon cake with our friends. Please do have a look at the pictures we took and wrote about.

Finally, a huge thank you to all of the parents who contributed food, donations and time last week. Our Harvest Supper was a very successful evening due to all of your efforts. The welcome to St Joseph's was as memorable ever for the nursery parents. Thank you all once again.

We look forward to welcoming you all again on 29th October. Have a wonderful and restful half term!

Samara Bouchey