Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parents, Staff, and Governors,

As the end of the school year fast approaches, I would like to thank you all for your tireless support. Your generosity of spirit and kindness have shown me what a true Catholic community is and I am eternally grateful.

Having been at St Joseph’s as a pupil, a parent, a teacher and a Deputy Head Teacher, I not only feel particularly privileged to be working here but also have deep-rooted feelings of loyalty and love for the school that has had such an impact on my past, present and future. It is indeed a blessing and a gift to continue to support and nurture this incredible St Joseph’s family.

A message from Andrew Heffernan, Chair of Governors

’As the school year ends I wanted to take the opportunity to thank all the parents and carers for the continued support of the school during the year through their time or financial contributions. Through your support we are able to continue to support a wider curriculum, ensure inclusion of all children in activities and fund improvements to the school. Your support really does help in achieving the schools mission of allowing our children to ‘learn to live life to the full’.

During the summer break the school will be a busy place, with improvement works on the Sharpe Suite being undertaken and a new KS1 playground being laid. Your donations to the Governors’ fund and School Association activities have funded these works. Although the Governors have underwritten the playground works, I know that the School association is committed to raising funds so that we can install play equipment, murals and decorations.

Once again this year, I am truly humbled by the dedication shown by all of our staff. Our teachers and support staff not only in the classroom or the school offices but also the premises staff show such devotion to the pupils in their care that I cannot thank them enough for everything they do. The success of our school and the happiness of our pupils is because of their tireless efforts.

With this in mind, I would like to thank Mrs Meadway and Miss Platten for their contribution to our pupils’ learning journey. We have loved working with you and we are certain that our children have benefited hugely from your experience and creativity.

St Joseph’s would, of course, be nothing without our pupils. I am so fortunate to have witnessed Y6’s progress from Nursery to the brink of Y7. I am honoured to send them on to the next stage of their education, secure in the knowledge that they will shine brightly and be wonderful St Joseph’s ambassadors in their new schools. Without all of our pupils who come through the gates every morning with their infectious enthusiasm and passion for knowledge, our school would not be the vibrant and enriching place we all know and love. Thank you children for sharing your love of learning with me and thank you parents for allowing me to be part of the team that helps nurture that love.

May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

Dr N Fernandes-Viana
Acting Head teacher