Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parents, Staff, and Governors,

This week our Year 5 and Y6 athletes excelled themselves during their participation in the Active Westminster Quad Kids Athletics securing 2nd place in this Westminster wide competition. We are all very proud of their achievement and of the team work, determination and self-belief displayed by all of our St. Joseph representatives.

In other news, I am also delighted to share the fantastic achievements of Miss A. Ward (Blue Classes) and Miss S. Ward (Violet 1 and 2). Both are completing their Foundation Degree in Learning and Teaching and Miss A Ward has passed her first year with a First while Miss S Ward will be finishing her degree with a First. I am sure you will join me in congratulating their achievements. We are truly blessed to have them both at St. Joseph’s and I am certain that one day they will both be outstanding teachers.

When bringing children to school after 9:00am, parents must sign the children in at the main Office entrance but should then hand their children over to the office staff who will escort their child to their respective classroom. The school gates open at 8:40 am and KS1 pupils should be brought to their classroom door by their parents or guardians, KS2 pupils should be entrusted to make their own way to their classrooms from the school gate and EYFS pupils should be brought to their respective classroom doors by their parents or guardians. This is an important safeguarding issue in terms of children being safe and adults and children being appropriately accounted for. Thank you for your co-operation.

This week Jarvis will be going home with Matthew who will soon be leaving us. We will all miss Matthew’s loving nature and fantastic sense of humour. During his year at St Joseph’s he has been kind and thoughtful towards all of his classmates and all of his teachers. He is a wonderful role model who follows our Mission Statement, respecting others and living life to the full with his smile and positive attitude. I am sure that you will be sorely missed and we wish you all the very best in the future.

Finally I would like to congratulate Tommy in Pink 2 who is now a very proud big brother. We would like to welcome George Oliver to the St. Joseph’s school community and wish all his family well.

May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

Dr Ninette Fernandes-Viana
Acting Headteacher

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Dates for Your Diary

Monday 10th
Violet 3 PGL residential trip
Year 5 – Lord’s Cricket Ground

Friday 14th
Y3 Communion Mass @ 9:30 am in school hall
Violet 3 – return

Monday 17th
Geography week begins
Pink 2 maps (am)
Pink 1 maps (pm)
Violet 3 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec

Tuesday 18th
Blue 2 orienteering (am)
Violet 1 orienteering (pm)
Team from Year 5 – maths competition @ St Christina’s school

Wednesday 19th
NSPCC workshops Rec – Y6 all day
Blue 1 orienteering (am)

Thursday 20th
Year 1 Auction promise
Violet 2 orienteering (am)
Pink 3 maps (pm)

Friday 21st June
Blue 3 orienteering (am)
Violet 3 orienteering (pm)

Monday 24th
Pink 1 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec
Meeting for Nursery parents starting in Sept 2019 @ 9:30am in hall

Tuesday 25th
Meeting for Reception parents starting in Sept 2019 @ 9:30am in hall
Sports Day - Nursery 1:30pm - 2:20pm
Sports Day - Reception 2:20pm - 3:20pm

Wednesday 26th
Sports Day KS1 & KS2 (date confirmed)

Friday 28th
Y5 Auction promise


Monday 1st
Summer book challenge assembly
Pink 3 – visiting Forest schools @ Paddington Rec

Wednesday 3rd
Buddies picnic (Rec & Y6)

Thursday 4th
Pink 2 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec

Friday 5th
Blue 1 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec
Y5 visiting St. George’s Secondary school

Saturday 6th


Rec B1 - Rachel
Rec B2 - Lara
Pink 1 - Darragh & Roza
Pink 2 - James
Pink 3 - Felicitas
Blue 1 - Artur
Blue 2 - n/a
Blue 3 - Thomas
Violet 1 - Charlie
Violet 2 - Joe
Violet 3 - Whole Class


Writer of the Week

Rec B1 - James
Rec B2 - Isabel
Pink 1 - Giorgia
Pink 2 - Adam & Yannick
Pink 3 - Alessandro
Blue 1 - Kina
Blue 2 - n/a
Blue 3 - Mateo
Violet 1 - Isaure
Violet 2 - Lorenzo
Violet 3 - Ace