Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parents, Staff, and Governors,

We have had a wonderful week, the highlight of which was our sports day events for Nursery and Reception and KS1 and KS2. It was so lovely to see the Y5 children help with the smooth running of the EYFS Sports Day on Tuesday 25th. They showed great patience, understanding and were wonderful role models for the Nursery and Reception children to aspire to. On Wednesday we saw the Y6 children take on this responsibility with the KS1 children and, once again I was very proud to witness their hard work and enthusiasm. They were wonderful ambassadors for the school and we are certainly blessed to have them as our pupils. I would also like to thank the many parents and even grandparents who came to support us during our Sports Days. A special thank you to Mrs Harrington who transported the equipment and the school lunches, and of course an especially big thank you to Coach Grant and Miss Armstrong who organised and coordinated the entire day. They all did brilliantly.

We were also delighted to welcome our Link Governors to the school. They were suitably impressed with our enriching learning environment, the quality and progression in writing presented from Nursery to Year 6 and were full of praise for our pupils, not only those they spoke to in their classes but also the Y6 students who were so articulate, confident and proud to share their love for St. Joseph’s with our visitors. As you know we often enter various writing competitions and would also like to congratulate Minudi who has become a published poet and won a highly commended award from the Premier League Writing Stars competition for her poem on friendship:

My Friends

I have friends

Tall, short – medium size.

But we are all friends.

I have friends

With white, brown skin.

But we are all friends

I have friends

Different size,

Different skin.

But we are all friends,

With kind hearts.

We all love each other. By Minudi.

Next academic year, we will be having a head girl and a head boy and no prefects. Melissa and Riley have been outstanding ambassadors for the school and wonderful role models to all. As you know, all of the children in year 6 are expected to help and support the other children and staff in school. The jobs that the prefects have done in previous years will be shared around the children. This way the children will learn about collective responsibility and team work. In the coming weeks we will be talking to year 5 about the role of head boy and girl and the children in year 5, along with the staff will all have a say about who they think would be suitable for this role.

In preparation for next year, we would like to forge ahead with our plans for the KS1 playground and also with preparing the Sharpe Suite for the new Y6 intake. We would therefore welcome any interested parent or friend of the school who would be happy to become the proud owner of a piano. At the moment, we have 2 pianos in the Y6 classroom and the children would certainly benefit from the increased space which the removal of one of these would allow. If you are interested, please contact Mr Bowles for further details.

Preparations for the summer fair are well on the way. If you can help in any way, please contact the summer fair team led by Mrs Koczan-Santiago. Next week, on 5th July, children can again wear their own clothes and this time bring in a homemade cake for the summer fair. If you cannot make a cake, please bring in a donation for the fair.

This week, Jarvis will be going home with Arianna for being a kind and caring pupil who always tries her very best and lives out our Mission Statement on a daily basis. I am sure that she will continue to shine throughout her learning journey at St. Joseph’s and that Jarvis will be very well looked after this weekend.

May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

Dr Ninette Fernandes-Viana
Acting Headteacher

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Dates for Your Diary


Monday 1st
Summer book challenge assembly
Violet 1 – visiting Forest schools @ Paddington Rec

Wednesday 3rd
Buddies picnic (Rec & Y6)

Thursday 4th
Pink 2 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec

Friday 5th
Blue 1 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec
Y5 visiting St. George’s Secondary school

Saturday 6th
Summer Fair

Tuesday 9th
Y6 visiting the Shard

Wednesday 10th
Zap Anti Bullying assembly & workshops for KS2

Thursday 11th
Blue 3 – visiting Forest schools @ Paddington Rec

Friday 12th
Year 5 Taster Day @ St. George’s


Rec B1 - Gael
Rec B2 - Edouard
Pink 1 - Sarah & Martha
Pink 2 - Georges
Pink 3 - Samuel
Blue 1 - Emad
Blue 2 - Stamford
Blue 3 - Maisie
Violet 1 - Antonio
Violet 2 - Mila
Violet 3 - Alessia


Writer of the Week

Rec B1 - Jacob
Rec B2 - Matylda
Pink 1 - Reyann
Pink 2 - Zack
Pink 3 - Joshua
Blue 1 - Edith
Blue 2 - Carolina
Blue 3 - Claudia
Violet 1 - Gabriel
Violet 2 - Anita
Violet 3 - Cormac