Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parents, Staff, and Governors,

During our Geography Week, kindly organised by Mrs Robinson, our KS1 and KS2 pupils have enjoyed learning orienteering skills in Hampstead Heath Adventure playground. This enriching learning experience has not only helped them in their Geography skills but they have also been given wonderful opportunities to reflect and demonstrate cross-curricular links in their writing and drawing, inspired by these activities.

This week, we were also fortunate enough to receive a visit from the NSPCC and their mascot, “Buddy”. This worthy organisation carried out a series of workshops and assemblies for the whole school delivering their “Speak out. Stay safe” programme. Nursery, Reception as well as KS1 and KS2 benefited from work around kindness, inclusion and tolerance. The children found these workshops very valuable and we, as a school, are very happy to support the NSPCC in their ambition to help every child in the UK and Channel Islands stay safe.

Preparations for the summer fair are well on the way. If you can help in any way, please contact the summer fair team led by Mrs Koczan-Santiago. Next week, on 28th June, children are invited to wear their own clothes and bring in a jar filled with small toys, games, stationery items or hair accessories (no sweets) and a pound towards the summer fair. All pounds will go towards buying prizes for games at the summer fair. On 5th July, children can again wear their own clothes and this time bring in a homemade cake for the summer fair.

This week, Jarvis will be going home with Muna and Adnan who are always kind and thoughtful towards all of their classmates and all of their teachers. They are wonderful role models inside and outside school, always living out our Mission Statement and being worthy St. Joseph’s ambassadors when on trips or excursions. I am sure that they will continue to flourish and that Jarvis will be very well looked after this weekend.

May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

Dr Ninette Fernandes-Viana
Acting Headteacher

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Dates for Your Diary

Monday 24th
Pink 1 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec
Meeting for Nursery parents starting in Sept 2019 @ 9:30am in hall
Year 6 Auction Promise

Tuesday 25th
Meeting for Reception parents starting in Sept 2019 @ 9:30am in hall
EYFS Sports Morning @ school
Nursery - 1:30pm
Reception - 2:20pm

Wednesday 26th
Sports Day KS1 & KS2 (date confirmed)

Friday 28th
Y5 Auction promise


Monday 1st
Summer book challenge assembly
Pink 3 – visiting Forest schools @ Paddington Rec

Wednesday 3rd
Buddies picnic (Rec & Y6)

Thursday 4th
Pink 2 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec

Friday 5th
Blue 1 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec
Y5 visiting St. George’s Secondary school

Saturday 6th
Summer Fair

Tuesday 9th
Y6 visiting the Shard

Wednesday 10th
Zap Anti Bullying assembly & workshops for KS2

Thursday 11th
Blue 3 – visiting Forest schools @ Paddington Rec

Friday 12th
Year 5 Taster Day @ St. George’s


Rec B1 - Cristina
Rec B2 - James
Pink 1 - Mattheus
Pink 2 - Angela
Pink 3 - Kirsten
Blue 1 - Whole class
Blue 2 - Grace
Blue 3 - n/a
Violet 1 - Suraya
Violet 2 - Ines
Violet 3 - Vittoria


Writer of the Week

Rec B1 - Cora
Rec B2 - Liam
Pink 1 - Cally
Pink 2 - Alessandra
Pink 3 - Francis
Blue 1 - Matias
Blue 2 - Adrian
Blue 3 - n/a
Violet 1 - Ines
Violet 2 - Joe
Violet 3 - Alessia