On Monday Nursery began practising their skills for Sports Day. Each week we will participate in relay races, remembering our position in our team, running the length of the track in a straight line and waiting for our teammates to reach us before beginning to run. We will also practise throwing and catching using bean bags.

We have continued our focus on kindness and friendship with a visit from the NSPCC on Wednesday. We have shared a number of stories about speaking kindly to one another, inclusion and celebrating the ways in which we are unique. At the end of the day we enjoy spending circle time sharing something nice about our friends and reflecting on how we have been kind throughout the day.

Reception class have had another exciting week. We had a wonderful assembly with representatives from the NSPCC who spoke about kindness and who we could talk to if we were worried about something.

We have been continuing to prepare ourselves for next year. We have been working on letter and number formation as well as sentences. In the final few weeks we will continue to look at key words and working on the reading scheme. We will send home remaining words for the summer holidays.

Next week is our Sports Day – which will be on Tuesday afternoon at 2.20 pm. Please join us!