Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parents, Staff, and Governors,

This week our Year Five children attended the ‘Time to Shine ‘cricket competition at Lords Cricket Ground. In spite of the rain, they had much fun and participated well. Both Mrs Deacy and Miss Burton were very pleased with how the children conducted themselves. Despite the torrential rain the children did really well.

The children in Violet 3 have had a fantastic week at PGL! Their spirits have stayed high through rain, blustery wind and the very occasional spot of sunshine. Each child has challenged themselves, whether climbing the trapeze tower and taking a leap of faith, or abseiling down a 30 meter wall, everyone has participated with a smile and enthusiasm, cheering each other on and showing great support and encouragement when zipping through the air and getting completely drench building a raft. We really have had a blast and we will remember this week forever!

Please note that next year's early May bank holiday will be moved back by four days for the whole of the UK to coincide with the 75th anniversary of VE Day. It will now be on the 8th May and not the 4th May 2020.

Sadly we have had several reports of inconsiderate parking from our neighbours, perhaps more distressing for a Catholic school is that some reports have indicated that parents have been very rude when asked to move their car, due to this lack of consideration one neighbour missed her hospital appointment. Please remember that you are not entitled to park across people’s driveways, garage entrances, and double yellow lines, resident parking bays or zig zag lines nor can you double park. If you are not able to park safely on a single yellow line outside the school then please do so in adjacent roads clearly displaying the school parking permit. This will allow you a grace 10 minutes to pick up and drop off your children. Do ask at the school office for a parking badge.

The week ended with a beautiful mass for our Year Three children. The mass, to celebrate their First Holy Communion was a wonderful celebration of all the work over the last few months. May I take this opportunity to congratulate all of the children in taking one of the Sacraments. A heartfelt thank you to Fr Lorenzo, Miss Donnellan and Mrs Meadway for facilitating this mass here in school.

Do Not Miss! - Doughnuts For Dad
On Thursday morning 20th June, Early Years and the KS1 classes will host a short thank you celebration for our Dads in the School Hall at 9am. There will be doughnuts outside for the Dads before school from 8:40am. The children will go straight into their classrooms. We look forward to seeing you.

May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

Mr K Bowles
Acting Deputy Headteacher

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Dates for Your Diary

Tuesday 18th
Blue 2 orienteering (am)
Violet 1 orienteering (pm)
Team from Year 5 – maths competition @ St Christina’s school

Wednesday 19th
NSPCC workshops Rec – Y6 all day
Blue 1 orienteering (am)

Thursday 20th
Doughnuts for Dads
Year 1 Auction promise
Violet 2 orienteering (am)
Pink 3 maps (pm)

Friday 21st June
Blue 3 orienteering (am)
Violet 3 orienteering (pm)

Monday 24th
Pink 1 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec
Meeting for Nursery parents starting in Sept 2019 @ 9:30am in hall
Year 6 Auction Promise

Tuesday 25th
Meeting for Reception parents starting in Sept 2019 @ 9:30am in hall
EYFS Sports Morning @ school
Nursery - 1:30pm
Reception - 2:20pm

Wednesday 26th
Sports Day KS1 & KS2 (date confirmed)

Friday 28th
Y5 Auction promise


Monday 1st
Summer book challenge assembly
Pink 3 – visiting Forest schools @ Paddington Rec

Wednesday 3rd
Buddies picnic (Rec & Y6)

Thursday 4th
Pink 2 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec

Friday 5th
Blue 1 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec
Y5 visiting St. George’s Secondary school

Saturday 6th
Summer Fair

Tuesday 9th
Y6 visiting the Shard

Wednesday 10th
Zap Anti Bullying assembly & workshops for KS2

Thursday 11th
Blue 3 – visiting Forest schools @ Paddington Rec

Friday 12th
Year 5 Taster Day @ St. George’s