Violet Class News

The children in Violet 1 and 2 have worked extremely hard this week and made fantastic progress with their learning! In English we made great character analyses of Mr Tumnus, the White Witch, Lucy and Edmund! Both classes are really enjoying the book and have made some great observations and predictions.

We were very impressed with how the children progressed with their maths revision on volume, time and statistical analysis. In Science, an experiment testing the friction of different surfaces was the highlight of the week for many! Finally, we began our Topic learning on London's history, focusing on the Victorian period!

Have a great bank holiday weekend!
Mr McGee and Miss Burton

It's been a busy week for Violet 3! In Maths we have continued to focus on our revision, covering Mixed Operation Word Problems and Algebra. For a little bit of fun we created chatterboxes with questions based on Multiples, Factors and Prime Numbers. We then challenged our friends to answer our tricky questions. We began our new geography Topic this week on The Amazon, exploring the impact and seriousness of deforestation. In Science we continued to explore our Electricity topic and investigate how the number of bulbs affect the brightness of a bulb in series circuit.