Nursery and Reception have had a wonderful week, focusing on all things science! We started our week with a trip to London Zoo, where the children were apart of a great workshop using describing words to sort animals into their different types. A favourite part of the day for all was watching the penguins, who were out enjoying the sun, much like us! Thank you again to all the parent helpers who were able to join us, we couldn't have done it without you.

On Thursday we enjoyed a great workshop with Sublime Science, where we made our own slime and looked at electricity through a plasma ball. It was really interesting to see how the light bulb lit up without having to plug it in! They also preformed an assembly using dry ice. It was amazing to see how the balloons blew up own their own by putting the ice inside them!

We will be continuing our topic of living things and science next week, as we have our trip to Urbanwise at Paddington Rec. We are really hoping we have fantastic weather like we have this week.

Have a wonderful weekend!