Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parents, Staff, and Governors,

Thank you all so much for all the kindness that you have shown me over the past couple of weeks. I am absolutely overwhelmed with your generosity of heart and spirit and feel very blessed that our family has known and will experience such a loving community as the one at St Joseph’s. I have been very privileged to lead a school that has such an abundance of love and good-will and I know that your thoughts and prayers will go with me.

I am sure that you will continue to support Mrs Viana, Mrs Wilson and all of the staff who do work so hard to provide the children with the very best educational experiences. I am confident that I leave the school in safe hands.

May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

Mrs K Husain

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Dates For Your Diary

Monday 11th
Violet 2 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec.
Violet 1 visiting Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec.

Tuesday 12th
Team from Y5 & Y6 Basketball competition @ the Moberly centre
Y6 Lenten Mass 10am @ Our Lady’s Church

Wednesday 13th
School photographer (individual and school sibling)

Thursday 14th
Group of Y6 visiting St. Georges for “Scrapheap Challenge”

Tuesday 19th
Y5 Lenten Mass 10am @ Our Lady’s Church

Friday 22nd
Blue 1 Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec

Saturday 23rd

Monday 25th
Blue 2 Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec

Tuesday 26th
Y3&4 Lenten Mass 10am @ Our Lady’s Church

Thursday 28th
Blue 3 Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec

Friday 29th
Pink 3 Forest Schools @ Paddington Rec
Mother’s Day Service EYFS & KS1 – school hall


Rec B1 - Gisella
Rec B2 - Matylda
Pink 1 - Carolina
Pink 2 - Ava
Pink 3 - Samuel
Blue 1 - Matias
Blue 2 - Freddie
Blue 3 - Heidi
Violet 1 - Olivia
Violet 2 - Matteo
Violet 3 - Mateo


Writer of The Week

Rec B1 - Hector
Rec B2 - Cora
Pink 1 - Roza
Pink 2 - Angela
Pink 3 - Anna
Blue 1 - Edie
Blue 2 - Zac
Blue 3 - Ruby
Violet 1 - Michael
Violet 2 - Anita
Violet 3 - Andrew