In Reception class we have had such a fun filled art week! We had a drama and dance workshop which we all really enjoyed as well as producing our Mondrian art wall. Do stop by and have a look at our wonderful art display.

In maths we have been looking at numbers and addition - do look at the EducationCity website for games and fun things to do related activities.

The introduction of Traditional tales has been well received by the Nursery children. Reading to the children is always a high focus in Nursery as we firmly believe that exposure to many types of books, and hearing them read in many voices develops a love of reading and is the door to developing their knowledge. This helps to establish a love of learning throughout their schooling life.

We planted beans and will watch them closely to see what happens next. We will continue with Jack and the Beanstalk next week.

This week was 'Art Week' and we looked at the artist Kandinsky. The children have produced some amazing artwork that has been proudly displayed in the classroom and in a book. Please take the time to look at these displays with your children. The children also attended a drama and dance workshop which they loved. They have also been busy creating our class piece, with Agustin’s mum for our school auction.

Next week we will be thinking about Lent and the promises we could make. Book Week is also next week so we will be making our own books and reading our favourite books. Don't forget next Friday, 8th March is Dress Up Day as your favourite book character. Tuesday, 5th March the Nursery children will be visiting the Science Museum.

Have a relaxing weekend after a busy start to your term.
The EYFS Team