We have had another fantastic week in Nursery.

We extended our People Who Help Us focus to health workers - the 'Health Centre' in the quiet room has been buzzing with dramatic play re visiting the doctor and dentist. Many have had a strong interest in immunizations in their play, as is relevant to what is happening to many of them at present. We have a paramedic visiting the nursery and this will add to the children's role play. Paddington Fire visited briefly but were called away twice to an emergency which delighted the children.

The children are participating well in the Daily Mile with some part of each day the children running round an area of the school. This is a wonderful time to run together, socialize , and have fun. It never ceases to amaze us what young children are capable of and with positive affirmations and support they blossom into active happy children with inquiring minds and independent learners making their own learning choices with confidence and perseverance.

Phonic Play - We continue to look at initial sounds. To date we have looked at s a p t. and have started looking at m and n. We have been introducing games that help us identify rhyming words. For instance our rhyming soup song - in goes a clock, rock, sock, block. We are reading many books that highlight the rhyming of words.

A few reminders:

  • Please send the children with shoes and socks rather than tights under their school trousers and shorts so they can independently remove their footwear for our music and movement sessions and PE.

  • Please return permission slips for our trip to the Science Museum.

  • Put in your diary our Parents Maths workshop on Wednesday February 13th from 9 - 10am.

Reception has also been very busy this week! We've been looking at different medical professions and it has been fantastic to see all their knowledge of different aspects of health care!

Reception Reminders:

  • On Tuesday we are going on our trip to the Transport Museum! Please remember to come in full school uniform (including coats) and to send your child with a packed lunch in a disposable bag. Please don't send plastic water bottles/containers.

  • Please join us on Thursday February 14th at 9:00 for our Parents workshop, looking at how you can support your child in the final terms of reception