Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parent, Staff, and Governors,

I would like to say thanks you this week to the children who have been very helpful and sensible. We have been hit by a flu-like virus and many of the staff have had to take time off. The children have continued to work hard and be helpful to the cover teachers that have taken classes. All of the cover teachers have commented on what lovely, polite and clever children we have!

I was so proud this week to see our Reception class going out and walking to Pizza Express. Mr Bowles and the staff were very pleased with the behaviour of the children who were all very sensible and showed their manners. The children had a great time and came back to school with their own pizzas - made by their own hands!

Children from years 5 and 6 took part in sports hall athletics at The Moberly Sports Centre and performed brilliantly. 13 schools took part and St Joseph’s came 4th – a great achievement. Many thanks to Coach and the parents who accompanied the children.

School trips and outings are extremely important and enhance and enrich our curriculum and provide an essential role in the education of the children. I know that parents come on as many trips are they are able, however, we do rely on your support to make trips work. We are relying more and more on parents to help with school trips, so thank you to all of you who do help and please volunteer through your CVCs if you are able to help.

Term dates for the next two years are now on the website (up to 2020-2021). Please make sure when you are booking holidays and trips abroad that school terms are taken into account. Parents are not authorised to take holidays in term time. Permission from the head teacher must be sought for special circumstances if a child is to miss school.

Jarvis is going home with Arsenii today who has made really excellent progress since joining St Joseph’s in September and is proving to be a wonderful member of the school community.

May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

Mrs K Husain
Head teacher

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Monday 21st
Years 5 & 6 Midsummer Night’s Dream (in hall)
Pink 3 – Forest School @ Paddington Rec

Tuesday 22nd
Rec visiting Pizza Express

Thursday 24th
Hand Hygiene workshop – Reception
KS1 (Y1 &Y2) maths workshop for parents @2:45pm – school hall

Friday 25th
Blue 1 – Forest School @ Paddington Rec
Violet 1 & 2 Westminster Cathedral

Monday 28th
Blue 2 – Forest School @ Paddington Rec

Thursday 31st
Violet 3 – Forest School @ Paddington Rec

Friday 1st Feb
No assembly

Tuesday 5th Feb
Rec visit to Transport Museum
Maths workshop Violet classes @2:45 in school hall
Girls’ football competition (team of Y5 & Y6) @ Paddington Recreation Ground

Thursday 7th Feb
Blue 3 – visit to Forest School

Monday 11th Feb
E safety week begins
Violet 1 & 2 visiting the Tower of London

Friday 15th
School ends 3:30pm
Half term begins.


Rec B1 - Natalia
Rec B2 - Aoife
Pink 1 - Luca
Pink 2 - Tommy
Pink 3 - Jack
Blue 1 - Isabella
Blue 2 - Aidan
Blue 3 - Oscar
Violet 1 - Matthew
Violet 2 - Shennoy
Violet 3 - Victoria


Writer of the Week

Rec B1 - Alexandre
Rec B2 - Chloe
Pink 1 - Mir
Pink 2 - Darian
Pink 3 - Theophile
Blue 1 - Sofia
Blue 2 - Stamford
Blue 3 - Aleks
Violet 1 - Emilio
Violet 2 - Emma
Violet 3 - Riley