Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parent, Staff, and Governors,

We are continuing our work with Forest Schools this term and many of the classes have visited Padding Rec since the start of term to take part in the various activities provided. This is a great experience for the children.

Children from years 3 and 4 took part in sports hall athletic today and performed brilliantly. 12 schools took part and St Joseph’s came 3rd – a great achievement. Many thanks to Coach and the parents who accompanied the children.

Alex Haswell, our school educational psychologist gave a very interesting talk to parents on the importance of sleep. The main points that he raised were:

  • 5 year olds need around 11 hours sleep a night,

  • 8 year olds around 10 hours a night,

  • and 11 year olds 9.5 hours.

  • Sleep is important for brain and cognitive development,

  • A relaxing routine is vital before bed,

  • Children need to be able to consolidate what they have learnt during the day at night time.

Our Parent Partnership workshop on homework was really useful and informative. Thank you to all of the parents who attended and gave their views on homework. Together, with the staff I will look at our homework policy and update it. The main points that came out of the meeting were:

  • The desire for more creativity,

  • Making homework meaningful,

  • More maths – including problem solving.

We will endeavour to achieve these requests!

We had a visit from the Foods Standards agency this week and I am delighted to inform you that we received a 5 star rating. This is great news and certainly no surprise. Congratulations to Ruth and her team.

On Thursday we had our first SJSA meeting of 2019. The auction was a topic for discussion and preparations are already underway. If you have any holiday homes, high quality items and experiences that you or your workplace could donate to the auction, please let us know. Also, if you have any ideas about what the school could donate, then please let me know. As always, the auction is a big job and many hands make light work. If you feel that you could help in any way, please speak to Mrs Boorer – Harvey (year 5) and Edie’s (year 2) mum.

Jarvis is going home with Elisa today who is always kind and helpful to everyone in school.

May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

Mrs K Husain
Head teacher

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Dates For Your Diary


Monday 21st
Years 5 & 6 Midsummer Night’s Dream (in hall)
Pink 3 – Forest School @ Paddington Rec

Tuesday 22nd
Rec visiting Pizza Express

Thursday 24th
Hand Hygiene workshop – Reception
KS1 (Y1 &Y2) maths workshop for parents @2:45pm – school hall

Friday 25th
Blue 1 – Forest School @ Paddington Rec
Violet 1 & 2 Westminster Cathedral

Monday 28th
Blue 2 – Forest School @ Paddington Rec

Thursday 31st
Violet 3 – Forest School @ Paddington Rec

Friday 1st Feb
No assembly


Rec B1 - Atticus
Rec B2 - Stanley
Pink 1 - Lola
Pink 2 - Zack
Pink 3 - Jack
Blue 1 - n/a
Blue 2 - Sofi
Blue 3 - Abelia
Violet 1 - Joseph
Violet 2 - Ines
Violet 3 - Odelia


Writer of The Week

Rec B1 - Harvey
Rec B2 - Georgina
Pink 1 - Carlos
Pink 2 - Albie
Pink 3 - Theophile
Blue 1 - n/a
Blue 2 - Lucrezia
Blue 3 - Gabriel
Violet 1 - Victoria
Violet 2 - Amelia
Violet 3 - John