Violet Class News

What a wonderful week Year 5 have had! We have begun reading our class novel ‘Thief’ and we are all thoroughly hooked (teachers included!). This will be our main focus in English over the coming weeks. On Tuesday we visited Our Lady’s church where Father Jeff spoke to us about Adoration. It was great to see all the children conducting themselves in such a respectful and reverent manner. In Maths this week the children have worked very hard on their mental addition and subtraction strategies. We are very proud of the children who represented our classes at the Rugby competition and the writing workshop this week – they all did fantastically. We are looking forward to Poet idol and our Harvest celebration next week.

Another outstanding week for Year 6! We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Library. Gordon read us a brilliant story, which reminded us that we are never too old for a story, even Miss Brooks enjoyed it! We had our first trip to the Our Ladies Church where we learnt about Adoration with Father Jeff. We were very reverent and enjoyed the peacefulness it brought us. Long Division was our focus in Maths this week, we used Father, Mother, Sister and Brother to help remind us how to solve Long Division problems. Can you explain how those four family members help us? In English we have be exploring the poem The Thought Fox and creating our own suspenseful poem, Miss Brooks and Mrs Viana were gripped and slightly chilled by Year 6's creative imaginations! Next week, we are really looking forward to Poet Idol, the Harvest Festival and our surprise visitor on Tuesday.

Many Thanks