Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parent, Staff, and Governors,

Our summer fair is finally here! We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow to celebrate the summer and the end of the school year. The gates open at 12pm and the fair will finish at 4pm. We will be showing the football, so don’t worry or make other plans! The weather promises to be good and I am sure we will have a great day. Thank you to the many parents who have worked so hard and so enthusiastically to make the day successful. Your energy and positivity is inspirational!

There will be an entrance fee of £2 for adults and £1 for children. Please bring change! Unaccompanied minors will not be allowed into the fair.

On Tuesday we will have our ‘class swap’ where the children get to meet their new teachers and class mates. I will be sending home a letter for parents on Tuesday evening informing them of their child’s class, so please check book bags. On Wednesday the children will be bringing home their school reports which the teachers have been very busy working on over the term. The teachers really spend a lot of time, thought and consideration on the reports and I hope that you find them useful and informative.

We are looking forward to the return on year 6 later today. The school has been very quiet without them, but year 5 have done a marvellous job of stepping up and leading the school in their absence.

We will be celebrating a mass of thanksgiving in church with Fr Jeff at 2pm on Monday 9th at 2pm for the year 6 children.

The nursery and reception class children will be celebrating their achievements on Tuesday 17th July at 11am with a special assembly. Parents of children in EYFS are welcome to join us. The Leavers assembly will take place on Wednesday 18th July at 9:30. This is when we will say goodbye to our year 6 pupils. During this assembly we also announce the head boy and girl for 2018-19. Parents of children in year 6 are invited to join us.
May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

Mrs K Husain
Head teacher



Monday 9th
Leaver’s Mass @2pm Church of Our Lady’s

Wednesday 11th
Rec & Y6 picnic

Thursday 12th
Coding workshop
Y6 end of year production “Oliver” 6:30pm

Friday 13th
Nursery Teddy Bear’s picnic (change of date) @ Paddington Rec

Monday 16th
Year 6 Disco 6pm

Tuesday 17th
Reception special assembly 11am

Wednesday 18th
Leaver’s Assembly @ 9:30am
End of Academic year school ends at 1:30pm


Rec B1 - Zack
Rec B2 - Miah
Pink 1 - Theophile
Pink 2 - Oliver & Aurelian
Pink 3 - Isabella & Muna
Blue 1 - Gianluca
Blue 2 - Matteo
Blue 3 - Gabriel
Violet 1 - John
Violet 2 - N/A


Mathematician of the Week

Rec B1 - Martha
Rec B2 - Lola
Pink 1 - Patricia
Pink 2 - Emily
Pink 3 - Stamford
Blue 1 - Amaia
Blue 2 - Sherman
Blue 3 - Eloise
Violet 1 - Noelle
Violet 2 - N/A