Violet Class News

'Even better than the West End' - Mrs Husain

'An extravaganza!' - Mrs Viana

'Breathtaking' - Mrs Dunphy

'Flawless direction' - Mr Bowles

Oliver! The opening night to Oliver was a huge success as Year 6 wowed the entire school and their parents yesterday. The students rivalled actors on the West End with their impressive acting and singing. All of the students hard work, as well as that of Miss Brooks, Mr Whettingsteel and Mrs Procanccini, should be so highly commended. We were blown away!

Both of the Violet classes were incredibly mature and respectful as they had a puberty workshop on Thursday. The students asked excellent questions to both demonstrate and develop their knowledge.

Violet 1 have also been focusing on the importance of Stewardship, concentrating on God's creations and how we can better look after the environment.

As the year draws to an end, we also had the pleasure of swapping classes, meeting our new teachers and visiting our new classrooms. We are very excited for next year and the exciting challenges that face us!