Reception News

We have been very busy this first we back! We have been working really hard on learning our parts for our assembly, which is on Wednesday June 12th. e hope you will all be able to come! 

The children have made such incredible progress over the past few weeks with their writing. It has been lovely to see them taking such pride in their work and they are so proud to show it. In particular, their holiday news writing and healthy living posters were very well done! We also looked at floating and sinking in our science lesson. The children had a lot of fun testing different objects in the water tray and observed how different materials and shapes make a particular object float or sink.

This week we read the Sermon on the Mount and discussed how to be a good friend and how we want to be treated. The children had some really thoughtful words to describe friendship and it was lovely to see how what they can do to be kind to others. We also made sandwiches and the children were encouraged to share with a friend

Have a great weekend!