Blue Class News

It was lovely to welcome back the children looking refreshed on Tuesday. Yesterday, Year 3 looked wonderful as they celebrated their communion with Mass in the hall. Father Jeff talked about the tabernacle in Our Lady's Church, which contains the body and blood of Christ. He also explained that when we take Communion, we become living Tabernacles as we are carrying the body and blood of our Saviour Jesus Christ. Father Jeff highlighted the importance of remembering that we are speaking for Jesus and our actions and words should reflect this.

Today Blue 3 entertained us with a Healthy Eating assembly. The children told us of the importance of eating 5 a day in order for us to be full of energy and as healthy as possible. Blue 3 then showed off their dancing and singing skills with a lovely rendition of Agadoo. Next week we look forward to Blue 1's assembly as they are going to talk about plastics and the ocean.
This week the children have: learnt about perpendicular lines, researched the difference between epidemics and pandemics, identified determiners within a sentence and celebrated Recycle week.

Lastly, Year 4 have been full of excitement today in anticipation of the annual sleepover. We would like to wish Mrs Husain, Mrs Viana and Mr Bowles the best of luck! Your children will be ready for collection at the front entrance at 8.30 am tomorrow morning.