Nursery News

It has been a very hot week of weather and the children have coped very well with the high temperatures, drinking lots of water, wearing their hats and enjoying being squirted by the hose.

Their is a real sense of celebration in the air, as if the children know that the school term end  is closing in quickly and they soon will be big Reception children. They have enjoyed sitting down and looking through their portfolios and sharing with each other their work and achievements. So amusing to hear some of their comments. "Look how I use to write my name!" or "I have got so big now." Showing that the children are observant and recognise changes and progression and a sense of being able to accomplish more as they grow older.

The happy buzz of the room displays they are feeling confident and fully engaged in the environment and we are really enjoying 'busy noise'

Our last topic for the year for Religious education is 'Our World'. We have been talking about and looking at pictures of what we love about our world and how God gave us this wonderful world. We collaged the words "Everyone shares God's world" for our display and have been listening to and singing the songs, "He's got the whole world in his hands" and "What a beautiful world".

We finished the week on a high with our Sports day. Thank you for the big turnout of parents and family. The children had a wonderful morning run by Coach Grant with a variety of activities and finishing with the popular adult races.

You will receive a notice about our planned Teddy Bear's Picnic. A warm invitation is extended to all our parents to accompany us as we celebrate our year in nursery. Please return your permission forms as soon as possible. Thank You.

ishing you all a wonderful weekend.

The Nursery Team