Violet Class News

Oom pa pa! Violet 2 continues to work on their fantastic performance of ‘Oliver!’ as time draws closer to opening night. Their characters, songs and dances are developing well as they rehearse more and more.

Violet 2 are also learning more about The Blitz of WW2 and how it affected England. They have been extremely engaged and eager to learn more about the air raid of 1941.

Islam has been the religious focus across the whole school this week. Violet 2 learned all about the 5 pillars of Islam. During this time, Violet 1 have been exploring the meaning of Ramadan and Eid in a mature and respectful way – they were even able to make close links to our own Christian traditions such as Lent.

Violet 1 also worked hard during their assessment week – focused and determined to demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in both Maths and English.

Violet 1 looks forward to spending more time with their new buddies this Friday as year 5 get ready to transition to year 6 and nursery prepare for their time in reception.