Violet Class News

Singing, acting and dancing have been all the rage in Violet 2 this week as year 6 continue preparations for their end of year performance. Their melodic voices have been drifting through to Violet 1 which has been enjoyed by all! Violet 2 have also been writing their own Lady Macbeth soliloquies which have been both entertaining and moving.

Selected students from both Violet 1 and 2 were invited to participate in the London Youth Games tennis competition. In which our St Joseph’s team came second! An amazing effort and one they should be incredibly proud of. All attending students demonstrated good sportsmanship and were a shining example of St Joseph students.

Four students from Violet 1 also made us proud as they entered into a maths competition at St Christina’s on Tuesday. The students impressed not only their teachers, but themselves. Working well as a team and solving really challenging maths problems. Violet 1 continued to work on their spy novel this week – building character profiles, settings and the mission their spies will overcome! Next week, students look forward to creating a model of their own spy gadgets! Violet 1 were also introduced to their buddies from Nursery who they will be taking under their wing next year. Some year 5 students were even lucky enough to have 2 buddies!