Violet Class News

This week Violet 1 has started their new topic - Brazil. They are designing their own, original, Brazilian landmarks and making an informative poster to go with it, and to top it off they are even building models of their landmark. In Maths, Year 5 have been solving multi-step word problems by using long division and long multiplication. Finally, in English they have been writing their own alternative ending to the best-selling action and adventure novel Alex Rider Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. They have been working incredibly hard!

This week, in Violet 2, we started off by doing practice papers, preparing for SATs in less than two weeks. Surely, the hard work will pay off! After the tests, we revised most of the work we have done this year, focusing especially on what we struggled on during the tests such as, Roman Numerals, rounding and conversion graphs. In English, we have been continuing our description of Skellig’s wings, remembering to use similes, metaphors and other descriptive features. Violet 2 have been working their hardest so we are sure we can blow the roof off with our test scores!

Reported by Elena Cervesi