Nursery News

ts been an egg-citng week!

he children started the week knowing that when they arrived on Monday finally the living eggs would be brought into nursery. It has been a great week that has been so much more than just fluffy chicks!!

The children got to observe five of the eggs hatch over the period of a day and use the ipad to record the hatching, to revisit and watch over again. We have done many activities across the curriculum allowing the children to explore and experience active learning in a hands on and fun way. We have the chicks next week and will continue to observe them grow and learn how to care and handle them.

To add to the excitement we have also been talking about 'the wedding'  and making souvenirs to celebrate the special occasion. Finishing the week coming to school in our 'wedding' clothes and having a party with the whole school. Everyone looked so amazing.

The final week of half term is Science Week. We will be walking together to Paddington Rec. All parents welcome to help us walk the children. We will be back for lunch. Please ensure the children have sun cream on and bring their school hats. Thank You.

Have a fabulous weekend.