Reception News

This week we have been looking at the Ascension. Do ask your child and discuss further with what has been learned at church.

In mathematics we have begun looking at different coins. The children have been using this knowledge in their role play, selling others food items only for the correct change!

We have continued to work on our writing this week, and have been identifying healthy foods. It has been so lovely to see the children writing shopping lists of all the lovely food they are going to buy.

We also had a fun day looking at the different states of matter! The children had many great ideas and were able to classify them into the appropriate category. We then looked at how something could be changed into different states. We made some jelly and could see how the solid changed to liquid when boiling water was added, and how it changed back to solid after it was cooled!

Next Friday we will be celebrating the Royal wedding. Please send your child to school in their wedding best to celebrate this special day!