Nursery News

WOW what an exciting end to another busy week.

The children entered the Nursery today with a large display of snails for them to observe, touch, hold, and explore. Finishing the day having snail races and watching their snail trails.  The noise of excited voices is always a joy to our ears as educators of young children.  

Children can develop skills much faster when they are having fun. Therefore having our tadpoles, snails, growing garden,  and from Monday our living egg , it is allowing the children to have actual experiences to learn concepts and skills.  We appreciate the wonderful feedback from you on how the children are coming home and sharing their experiences. Thank you.

On Thursday we had a visit from  local author, Cate Douglas. She read her wonderful story 'Poppy's Tale' and afterwards the children got to all wear a tail. This was a great visit and enjoyed by all. Cate enjoyed being in the Nursery and asked to be invited back. She commented how receptive and well behaved the children were.

We introduced a snack table this week where the children come independently to this area  and moderate their own hunger and thirst. It also  allows the children not to be interrupted if they are engaged in play.

We are saying our Hail Mary's daily and the children made a wall hanging  to take home. We also watched a clip on The Ascension and had a discussion  together at carpet time.

Gentle reminder the children need their summer hats everyday.

Have a great weekend.