Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parent, Staff, and Governors,

The children in Key Stage Two attended mass on Thursday to celebrate the glorious feast of the Ascension.  It was a beautiful service and the children were very well behaved.  Thank you to Fr Jeff for accommodating us.

On Thursday morning we were treated to a fantastic concert from the school orchestra.  I was amazed at the talent of the children and their confidence and skill.  We also heard from soloists and groups ranging from trombones to cups!  The children worked together and produced a wonderful concert that we all enjoyed.  Many thanks to Miss Hudson for working so hard with all our musicians.  If anyone is interested in joining the orchestra, please speak to Miss Hudson.  Everyone is welcome and everyone can join regardless of aptitude.

On Friday we are very excited to be celebrating the Royal wedding.  There will be various activities throughout the day relating to the wedding and in the afternoon the children will be able to enjoy a wedding breakfast and party.  Children are invited to come to school dressed as guests for a wedding.

I am delighted to say that as part of our Lenten appeal, St Joseph’s donated 27 backpacks too Mary’s Meals. Thank you to everybody who helped with this fantastic cause.

This week Jarvis is very lucky to be going home with Felicitas in year 1.  Felicitas is always very kind and caring and is a really good role model to all the children in the Pink classes.


Most of you are probably already aware of new Data protection regulations coming in to force next month. We are currently working to ensure we are fully compliant. Below is a brief summary.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a piece of EU-wide legislation which will determine how people’s personal data is processed and kept safe, and the legal rights individuals have in relation to their own data. Personal data means information that can identify a living individual. The regulation will apply to all schools from 25th May 2018, and will apply even after the UK leaves the EU.

The GDPR sets out the key principles that all personal data must be processed in line with. Data must be: processed lawfully, fairly and transparently; collected for specific, explicit and legitimate purposes; limited to what is necessary for the purposes for which it is processed; accurate and kept up to date; held securely; only retained for as long as is necessary for the reasons it was collected. There are also stronger rights for individuals regarding their own data. The individual’s rights include: to be informed about how their data is used, to have access to their data, to rectify incorrect information, to have their data erased, to restrict how their data is used, to move their data from one organisation to another, and to object to their data being used at all.

If you require any more information, please contact the school.

May God bless you and keep you and your family safe.

Mrs K Husain
Head teacher



Monday 14th
SAT’s week KS2 begins
Living Eggs arrive! (Nursery)

Wednesday 16th
Year 5/Violet1 – Sayers Croft residential trip (3 days)

Friday 18th
Royal Wedding activity day

Monday 21st
Science week begins
Blue classes visiting Kew Gardens (Plant Hunters)
Pink classes (Urbanwise with Moya venue tbc)
Violet 2 visiting Tower of London

Tuesday 22nd
Violet 1 – Kew Gardens (Plant Scientists)
Violet 2 – Kew Gardens (Evolution & adaptations)

Wednesday 23rd
Violet 2 - (Urbanwise with Moya venue tbc)

Thursday  24th
Pink 1- (Urbanwise with Moya venue tbc)
Violet 1 – London Zoo (Rainforest Explorers)

Friday 25th
Blue classes – London Zoo (Rainforest Explorers)
Violet 2 – London Zoo (Endangered Animals)
Pink 2- (Urbanwise with Moya venue tbc)
Half term begins 3:30pm


Monday 4th
INSET DAY (no children to attend)

Tuesday 5th
Start of term (children return)
SJSA meeting 6pm

Thursday 7th
Y3 Communion Mass @9:30 (school hall)

Friday 8th
Y4 Auction sleepover

Tuesday 12th
Class end of year photograph

Wednesday 13th
Nursery Auction promise (6 children – Arty club)

Thursday 14th
Y1 Auction promise (6 children Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre & picnic)

Friday 15th
Y6 visiting Tower of London Music Festival

Wednesday 20th
Y6 Auction promise (6 children)

Monday 25th
Meeting for parents of children starting Nursery in Sept 2018 9:30 in hall

Tuesday 26th
Meeting for parents of children starting Reception in Sept 2018 9:30 in hall

Wednesday 27th
Reception Auction promise (8 children)

Thursday 28th
Sports Day

Friday 29th
Nursery Teddy Bear picnic – Paddington Rec


Rec B1 - Chloe
Rec B2 - Reyann
Pink 1 - Matias
Pink 2 - Mir
Pink 3 - Raiden
Blue 1 - Thomas
Blue 2 - Olivia
Blue 3 - Nancy
Violet 1 - Ace
Violet 2 - Whole Class


Mathematician of the Week

Rec B1 - Rocco
Rec B2 - Tristan
Pink 1 - Elisa
Pink 2 - Freddie
Pink 3 - Freddie
Blue 1 - Rafa
Blue 2 - Sophia
Blue 3 - Nikolai
Violet 1 - John
Violet 2 - Sol & Henry