Blue Class News

Yesterday, St. Joseph's school orchestra entertained the whole school with a Summer term concert. It was great to see the children perform with such confidence and the variety of instruments and pieces of music on display. We hope that this will inspire some of the children in the Blue classes to take up and instrument and perhaps join the orchestra each Wednesday morning with Miss Hudson.

We also attended Ascension Day Mass with Father Jeff. He talked about it being a day of holy obligation where we celebrate the 40 days after Easter when Jesus ascended to heaven. As usual, the children were beautifully behaved and reflective throughout the service.
In the Blue classes throughout the week we have: looked at area and perimeter, interpreted pictograms, completed dictionary work, and wrote school menus based on the Billionaire Boy.

Lastly, next Friday is own clothes day. To celebrate Prince Harry's upcoming nuptials, we will be dressing in our finest wedding garb. Don't forget to dust off those fascinators and dress to impress!