Violet Class News

Six! Four! All of KS2 including enjoyed at day at Lord’s cricket ground this week. We were lucky enough to watch the T20 women’s match between Middlesex and Marylebone. The students are to be commended on their beautiful behaviour throughout the day. They represented St Joseph’s with pride.

Violet 2 continues to work hard in their preparation for SATS. They placed a great deal of focus on revising algebra this week. Year 6 also worked on a description of Skellig’s wings and demonstrated their impressive vocabularies and their ability to create a detailed image with words alone.

Violet 1 have had an incredibly busy week. Along with working on long division problems and starting to read their class novel, year 5 performed an outstanding assembly on Henry VIII and his 6 wives. Each and every student worked hard to memorise their lines and create an engaging and educational performance for KS1 and 2.