Nursery News

Another busy week in Nursery.

This week we have been looking at the life cycle of a butterfly. We have watched youtube clips on a caterpillar going into its chrysalis and transforming into a butterfly. We have learnt many new words like 'metamorphosis'. Check out our large wall display depicting the life cycle.

We have successfully transferred our sunflowers into the outdoor garden and they are continuing to grow. Our planting is all looking very healthy and is a wonderful way for children to have a hands on approach to growing and planting.

Our tadpoles continue to be of high interest and next week we will look more closely at their life cycle.

Harvey brought in his pet tortoise 'Roxy' and all the children got to hold or stroke Roxy who was very sociable and seemed to enjoy all the attention from the children. Thank you for sharing Roxy with us.

The weather is very changeable at this time of year but we would appreciate it if the children brought in their sun hats everyday. Thank you.

Have a great weekend.

The Nursery Team