Nursery News

Welcome back  everyone  and we warmly welcomed two new families into Nursery. The children have settled straight back and are fully engaged in our programme. This was noted by different visitors coming  through the nursery this week. We are very proud of our children.

We have introduced our new topic 'Living Things' and this week have been focusing on planting different seeds , in particular sunflowers and water cress. We are working towards the children developing an understanding of  growth and change through planting. Please take a second to admire your child's artwork on display. They have created some wonderful sunflowers.

We also have tadpoles which the children are keenly observing to see what is going to happen next. Next week we will be looking at the life cycle of a butterfly.

The warm weather has arrived so we ask that the children bring their hats everyday and put their long lasting sun cream on before coming to school. They may bring named water bottles.

Please label all clothing as many are not named and this makes it difficult for us to find the rightful  owner. Thank you.

We are collecting tins for planting for the summer fair and shoe box lids. Thank You.

Enjoy this wonderful weather over the weekend.

he Nursery Team