Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parent, Staff, and Governors,

Tomorrow evening is the much anticipated school auction. Everybody is welcome.  Doors open at 6:45.  We encourage you to arrive at 6:45 and help yourself to the buffet as we would  like the auction to begin at 7:30pm.  We look forward to seeing you.

This term children across the school have been on lots of trips and outings which we know enriches their learning by giving it context and relevance.  Children’s enjoyment of school has increased as has their understanding of the wider world. Outings and visitors this term have included: Micki Garvey Book Making, Faustin Charles – author, Tate Modern, Dance Workshop, Cate Douglas - author, Story Planning Workshop with Tracey Potter, Welsh Harp Outdoor learning centre, Anglo Saxons Workshop, Felt making workshop, Weekly Cricket lessons with MCC, The Tower of London, Paddington Fire station, St Paul’s Cathedral, Space drama workshop.  
Thank you to the many parents who have helped facilitate these visits.

This week Jarvis will be going home with Alexia in year 6 for her effort in Maths, she has improved so much! She is always kind to others, always asking to do jobs or help and is just a sweet and delightful member of the class.  Well done.

It is the duty of parents to ensure that children attend school regularly and punctually. This encourages habits of good timekeeping and lessens any possible classroom disruption. The school gates open at 8.40 am and the registers close at 9.00 am. If a child arrives at school after 9.00 am this will affect their attendance rate because they will be marked as absent at registration.


Have a lovely weekend and may god bless you and your families and keep you safe.

Mrs K Husain
Head teacher  


Monday 26th
Holy week begins
Year 3 Palm Sunday reflection (9:15am hall)

Tuesday 27th
Year 4 Last Supper reflection (9:15am hall)
2:45 KS1 and Early Years Easter Bonnet Parade

Wednesday 28th
Year 5 Crucifixion reflection (9:15am hall)
2:45 KS2 Easter Bonnet Parade

Thursday 29th
Year 6 Holy Week reflection (9:15am hall)
End of Spring Term @ 1:30pm

Science Award

Nursery - Anais
Rec B1 - Georges
Rec B2 - Theodora
Pink 1 - Matias
Pink 2 - Maelys
Pink 3 - Andrea
Blue 1 - Joshua
Blue 2 - Isabella
Blue 3 - Nancy
Violet 1 - Filippo
Violet 2 - Ingrid


Rec B1 - Alessandra
Rec B2 - Tristan
Pink 1 - Alba
Pink 2 - Roza
Pink 3 - Maya
Blue 1 - Leo
Blue 2 - Antonio
Blue 3 - Mila
Violet 1 - Riccardo
Violet 2 - Daniel


Writer of the Week

Rec B1 - Mylo
Rec B2 - Hector
Pink 1 - Edith
Pink 2 - Francis
Pink 3 - Alexander
Blue 1 - Alexs
Blue 2 - Isaure
Blue 3 - Anita
Violet 1 - Alexis
Violet 2 - Sybil