Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parent, Staff, and Governors,

Firstly, I would like to thank and congratulate all of our brilliant staff who battled the ‘Beast from the East’ to get to school to ensure that we remained open for the children.  Some of the teachers and support staff have long journeys and they made a great effort to get here on time and helped to keep the school open.  

From 2019-2020 St Joseph’s admission policy will not include a catchment area. This enables children who already have siblings in school to make successful applications even if the family have moved to a larger property outside of the current catchment area. Through this positive change the governors hope to enable Catholic families to remain at St Joseph’s and thereby strengthen and build our community.

Our Book Week has been another resounding success with wonderful author visits, dance workshops, creative book-making and much more. Faustin Charles delighted the Nursery and Reception children with his Caribbean Story-telling and Nursery Rhymes - The Selfish Crocodile - while Cate Douglas stimulated the children's imagination, fashioning tails to suit their personalities in Poppy's Tail. Both Pink and Blue Classes were treated to dance work-shops which brought books to life and all the children revelled not only in the creation of their own books but also in the gift of story-time with parents and teachers. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for all of your support throughout the week whether it was to give up your time, share your creativity or to buy books in our Book Fair. The latter ran very smoothly and we are happy to announce that we well over £1,000, earning us at least £600 in Scholastic Rewards to be spent on books for our pupils. Finalized figures to be published in next week's newsletter.

Parent teacher consultations will take place on 7th and 8th March from 2pm till 6pm.  Please sign up on the online system.  There will be opportunity for parents to see the books that the children have been making during book week.

Mother’s Day Prayer Service
We are looking forward to celebrating our mother’s in a special service for Early Years and Key Stage 1 on Friday 9th March at 2pm.  All parents in nursery, reception and the Pink classes are invited.

Role of Class Volunteer Coordinators
The role of the class volunteer coordinator is to coordinate volunteers - not be a class representative.  If we are taking a class out on a trip, we may ask the CVC to coordinate with other parents to see who can help.  If parents have concerns about their children, they should, in the first instance speak to the class teacher and then, if necessary, the deputy head teacher or the head teacher. We are always happy to discuss issues with you and strive to provide an enjoyable and enriching educational experience.  It is in everybody’s interest to sort out problems as soon as possible.  

The Enriched Curriculum
We are committed in St Joseph's to providing a full and rounded curriculum and to giving the children as many and as varied opportunities as possible.  I am very pleased that this year the children have taken part in many outings and have had lots of visitor and workshops.  The children have enjoyed them all and their educational experience is richer and more relevant as a result. Sometimes these extra opportunities incur a cost and we ask parents for a voluntary contribution and if parents cannot contribute, we ask them to speak to the school and we will help.  We would never deny a child the opportunity to partake.  The school does not make a profit on any of these experiences or activities.

Belinda, our computing and internet safety consultant will be back in school on Tuesday 20th March at 2:30 -3:30 to speak to parents and then will give the same talk between 5-6pm. I really hope that as many of you can make it as internet safety is a huge issue that does affect everyone.  

This week Jarvis will be going home with Adam in Rec B1.  He has shown patience and kindness this week to the other children in his class and has enjoyed playing in the snow!  


Auction Update
We are now only three weeks away from the school auction – Saturday 24th March. As you know, the Auction is our biggest fundraiser and, in order for it to be a success, we need as many items to auction as possible. Donations of good quality items, time and skills are all essential: Can you bake a cake? Can you design an Easter bonnet?  All items need to be left at the school reception on any Monday or Friday up to 9:30am where they will be collected and checked in. If you plan to offer use of your holiday home, please contact stjosauction@gmail.com so that the Auction Team can market your property accordingly with photos and available dates thus encouraging bidders. Our Class artworks are beginning to take shape and will, no doubt, be as breath-taking as ever. Thank you all for your dedication and support. Together, we will make this Auction the best yet.


Have a lovely weekend and may god bless you and your families and keep you safe.

Mrs K Husain
Head teacher


Wednesday 7th
2.30 – 6pm Parent/teacher consultations

Thursday 8th
Blue 3 Assembly
2.30 – 6pm Parent/teacher consultations

Friday 9th March
Mother’s Day Service EYFS & KS1 2pm (hall)
Parent Governor Ballot closes 4pm

Wednesday 14th
Years 5/6 (approx. 6 children) Basketball
10 – 2pm
Venue tbc

Thursday 15th
Pink 1 Assembly

Tuesday 20th
2:30-3:30 Belinda Evans internet safety workshop for parents
5-6pm Belinda Evans internet safety workshop for parents

Wednesday 21st
School photographer (individual photographs)

Thursday 22nd
Pink 2 Assembly

Saturday 24th
School Auction

Tuesday 27th
2:45 KS1 and Early Years Easter Bonnet Parade

Wednesday 28th
2:45 KS2 Easter Bonnet Parade

Thursday 29th
End of Spring Term.


Rec B1 - Shamar
Rec B2 - Matilde
Pink 1 - Beatriz
Pink 2 - Maelys
Pink 3 - Victorien
Blue 1 - Bernice
Blue 2 - Aaron
Blue 3 - Eloise
Violet 1 - Christian
Violet 2 - Samaira


Mathematician of the Week

Rec B1 - Albie
Rec B2 - Lily
Pink 1 - Natalia
Pink 2 - Leandro
Pink 3 - Stamford
Blue 1 - Frankie
Blue 2 - Suraya
Blue 3 - Charlie
Violet 1 - John
Violet 2 - Alexia