Head's Newsletter

Dear Pupils, Parent, Staff, and Governors,

Thank you to Belinda from 3BM who came and gave a very interesting and informative talk to parents, children and staff on Tuesday.  Websites that you might find interesting and helpful are:

To find out more about how to control your devices at home visit:

Belinda pointed out the many advantages in maintaining an open dialogue with your child about their internet use.  Below are some suggested conversation starters:


Belinda will be back in school on Tuesday 20th March at 2:30 -3:30 to speak to parents and then will give the same talk between 5-6pm. I really hope that as many of you can make it as internet safety is a huge issue that does affect everyone.  

On Monday the 5th of February Year 6 went on an educational as well as interactive trip to the Camden learning centre. We were taught by a lady named Gillian who taught us how to control robots Lego robots. We identified what certain robots are used for and how they process information from the input and output. Our first task was to figure out how many cm three rotations would add up to. The answer varied between 50cm and 55cm. We then had to make it move forward 3 rotations and reverse for the same amount of rotations. Our 2nd task was to program our Lego robot to circle around two cups between a certain distance. Some people found it easy whereas others found it difficult; everyone had their own way of completing the task with the same outcome. Afterwards we could then try to make it reverse out of an imaginary car park- that was much easier. Eventually we were asked to add a movement sensor so that the robot wouldn’t bump into things and put it on loop. This was because we were planning to take our robots to Mars.  Later, we added a colour sensor on so that the robot could detect different colours, such as blue for water and red for fire. We spent the day discovering the wonders of technology. It was a fun and exciting day.
Reported by Luna-Belle Y6
On Monday, I went to St Paul's Cathedral with my friends from St. Joseph's. We had a great time because we learned a lot of new things. I also liked where we put our coats. The arches were big and beautiful. Matias and Julia built one arch with blocks. e learned about shapes. We also went to the Whispering Gallery. It was really high and some people were scared. You could go higher but we didn't go.  Lunch was not what I expected but it was still fun.  I loved the trip.
Reported by Beatriz Y2 Pink 1

St. Joseph's Book Week 26th of February - 2nd of March

We are pleased to announce that this year St. Joseph's will be hosting a veritable extravaganza of reading events to celebrate World Book Day which takes place on the Thursday 1st of March. Not content with having merely one day to promote our love of books, we have decided to dedicate a whole week to Books from the 26th of February to the 2nd of March.

As well as running a Scholastic Book Fair - the proceeds of which will feed back into your children's education - we will also have a special "Dress Up" day on Friday 2nd March, author visits, work-shops on bringing books to life, book-making work-shops, a "Drop Everything and Read" focus, Story Swaps where teachers from different year groups will swap classes to read a story and every child will be given the opportunity to plan, design and write their very own book.

In order for this to be a huge success we urgently need parent volunteers to help us run the book fair. We would also really welcome guest speakers who would be prepared to share their knowledge of the World of Books with our children. You may know or be involved in publishing, writing or journalism. Our eager authors would love to get the chance to talk to you and learn from your experiences.

Contact the School Office if you would be prepared to help in any of the above so that, together we can make World Book Week at St. Joseph's a truly memorable occasion.

This week Jarvis will be going home with Leonardo in year 3.  He has shown patience and kindness this week to the other children in his class.


Have a very restful and safe half term break.  We will see you at 8:40 on Monday 19th February 2018.

Mrs K Husain
Head teacher


Monday 19th
Art Week begins
School opens 8:40 children in class by 8:50

Tuesday 20th
Violet 1 & Violet 2 visiting Tate Modern
Art workshop for Nursery, Reception and Pink classes

Wednesday 21st
Art workshop for Blue classes

Friday 22nd
Pink 3 Assembly
Art workshop Pink classes
Swimming Gala Years 4/5/6 (24 children) 10-2pm Queen Mother Sports Centre

Friday 23rd
Art workshop Violet classes

Monday 26th
Book Week begins
Scholastic Book Fair Mon – Thursday
Reception visiting London Transport Museum

Tuesday 27th
Author Faustin Charles visiting Nursery & Reception
Blue 3 Book making workshop with children and parents 1:30pm – 3:20pm

Wednesday 28th
Dance and Book workshop Pink classes


Thursday 1st
Blue 2 Assembly (St David’s Day)
Violet 1 visiting Tower of London
Book week workshop Blue classes
SATs meeting (Year 2 only) in hall @3pm

Friday 2nd
End of Book Week
Dress up as your favourite character from a book day

Wednesday 7th
2.30 – 6pm Parent/teacher consultations

Thursday 8th
2.30 – 6pm Parent/teacher consultations

Tuesday 20th
2:30-3:30 Belinda Evans internet safety workshop for parents
5-6pm Belinda Evans internet safety workshop for parents

Saturday 24th
School Auction

Tuesday 27th
2:45 KS1 and Early Years Easter Bonnet Parade

Wednesday 28th
2:45 KS2 Easter Bonnet Parade

Thursday 29th
End of Spring Term.


Rec B1 - Chloe
Rec B2 - Yannick
Pink 1 - Felicitas
Pink 2 - Mirelle
Pink 3 - Frederica
Blue 1 - Amaia
Blue 2 - Stella
Blue 3 - Anita
Violet 1 - N/A
Violet 2 - Luna Belle


Computing Award

Rec B1 - Mark
Rec B2 - Luca
Pink 1 - Matias
Pink 2 - Lorenzo
Pink 3 - Muna
Blue 1 - Heidi
Blue 2 - Joseph
Blue 3 - Gabriel
Violet 1 - N/A
Violet 2 - Lewis