Violet Class News

A fantastic first week back for the Violet team. It began with a fantastic trip to the Tate Modern Museum. The children really enjoyed looking at the different work from Andy Warhol, Monet, Picasso and many more.

Please Sir can I have some more...descriptive writing? Violet 1 has continued to explore Oliver Twist this week by focusing on descriptive writing and homophones. In Maths is has been all about Translation and moving shaping according to a set of instruction. When did the Battle of Bosworth happen? Ask any child in Violet 1 as they have been learning about the battle in Topic this week.

My body was numbed with fear as I read Violet 2's terrifying, suspenseful stories in English this week. All children really mastered the technique of building suspense with the use of detailed description and repetition. Maths SATs revision is in full swing and Violet 2 has been revising addition, subtraction, multiplication and division word problems this week. Keep up the fantastic work Violet 2!

Next week both classes will be attending Mass on Monday morning.