Nursery News

We had a very busy first week back after half term.

The introduction of Traditional tales has been well received by the children. Reading to the children is always a high focus in Nursery as we all  firmly believe  that exposure to many types of books,  and hearing them read  in many voices develops a love of reading and is the door to developing their knowledge. This helps to establish a love of learning throughout their schooling life.

We planted beans and will watch them closely to see what happens next. We will continue with Jack and the Beanstalk next week.

This week was 'Art Week' and we had Lucy, a visiting artist come and work with us for a full day. The children worked with her in small groups and each made a puppet. The puppets related to our focus of Traditional Tales. The children chose the puppet they wanted to create. Hopefully they are enjoying putting on puppet shows for their families. They have also been busy creating our class piece, with Cora's mum for our school auction.

We have been very lucky to have our school music teacher come and do a music session  with the children. She will visit us each week. This week we used musical instruments to represent different birds and animals.

The children all wrote their Lenten promises at the prayer table and we talked about the start of Lent. We are supporting the charity 'Mary's meals'. Please see the whiteboard  notice outside the classroom. Thank You.

Next week is 'Book Week' finishing with' Character Day' next Friday. We will conclude Jack and the Beanstalk with eating beans on toast just like giants do!!

Have a wonderful and hopefully sunny weekend.