Violet Class News

Computing Catastrophe in Crimary School

Never before has St Joseph's been the scene of such a devastating incident.

As Violet 1 and 2 came into their classroom on Wednesday morning they were greeted with the horrifying sight of an empty laptop trolley and muddy foot and hand prints all over the windows. As difficult as it was to get on with the school week the children admirably wrote some fantastic newspaper reports about the crime.

In other news, the children learnt about dissolving solids into a liquid, multiplying fractions, the meaning of advent and European landmarks. We are all looking forward to next week - the highlights of which are, Advent Mass on Monday, Fresh Water Theatre visiting on Wednesday and forest schools on Friday!

We hope you have a lovely weekend
Miss Burton and Mr McGee

An incredible week for Violet 3. In maths this week, we have focused on converting metric unit. We considered: units of length, units of mass and units of capacity. Can you explain how many grams there are in a kilogram? How can you convert 1.3L into ml? How many mm are in a metre? We then challenged ourselves to convert Miles to KM and visa versa, can you explain the equation for both? In English this week, we have focused on generating step-by-step instructions to capture and destroy the demon from The Unforgotten Coat.

Next week, we are looking forward to attending church on Monday, Westminster Carol Service on Wednesday and participating in a workshop on Thursday morning.