It has been a wet and windy week but we have got outdoors at every opportunity.

The children have been very busy rehearsing their Nativity play and we are all getting very excited for everyone to see our play.

A reminder to Nursery parents to send in the black tops and leggings as we will be during full dress rehearsals this coming week. Thank You.

The nursery children have continued to look at colour and shades. The sensory room has been very popular and they are still actively investigating light and shadows. This coming week it will become an interactive Christmas room as we begin to talk about our topic Advent to Christmas.They have been excitingly making their Christmas surprises. Shhh they are trying to keep them a secret.

In Reception we have been focusing on your maths this week. The children learned how to make surveys and have been gathering information for their own pictographs! We have also learned about ordinal numbers and had some very exciting car races.

In English, we have learned the long and short OO sound and NK. The children have really been working hard on their writing and it is such a joy to see how much they can do already!

Have a wonderful weekend!
The Early Years Team